Welcome to the Battle Creek and Marshall areas!
(Michigan, USA)


A group of volunteers - diverse community members, a number of us newcomers at some point, that appreciate that it helps to have a friendly hello and a bit of information to feel more oriented to the area. We like it here and are glad you moved here for the first time or moved back. Scene Magazine (www.scenepub.com) generously designs, hosts and maintains our webpage. You can also find us on Facebook at NewcomersHub.


To welcome individuals, couples, and families and give you a starting point for finding people, places or things that you want or need. To connect you with a local volunteer “welcomer” to have a refreshment with (our treat!), to give you a warm hello, and see if there is anything in particular you would like to know about. To share links to professional development / work / businesses / education / support services / interests / hobbies / social / recreation / volunteer / and board opportunities.


Michelle Frank 
Newcomers Hub Coordinator
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Sherii Sherban
SCENE Magazine
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