Senior Times July 2019 - 26-07
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July 2019A FREE PUBLICATION Volume 26-07 SOUTH CENTRAL MICHIGANA Newspaper For And About Area Senior AdultsSafety & Prevention | Safe Travels | Pet SafetyTMWhat's InsideLiving Safely at Home - pg 2 Outsmarting Poisonous Plants - pg 3 Summertime Health & Safety - pg 4 Strategies to Reduce Falling Risks - pg 21 Travel Safely with Your Pet - pg 24Senior Housing Guide - pgs 4-5 Senior Support Groups - pg 19 Senior Dining Centers - pg 20 Senior Transportation - pg 21 Acivities - pgs 28-29It's summertime... finally. Which means that outdoor activities and travel are likely on your agenda. Consequently, this issue takes the time to focus on safety issues. You can read about safety in the home; safety for your pets; safety before you travel; safety when a loved one wanders; safety issues surrounding medications; safety in the sun; safety from scams; and so much more. This issue takes the time to focus on steps you can take to prevent injury or harm as well as reduce your risk in the future from concerns like poisonous plants, falls, and Vitamin D deficiency. Starting on page 26 you can learn how to prevent or manage the ten most common chronic conditions.We encourage you to get out and spend time with family and friends, or make new friends this summer. If you're not sure where to get started check out the activity pages starting on page 28. They are full of programs, presentations, classes, and events to make your July full. If transportation is a challenge there is a list of providers found on page 21. Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!To find out how advertising in the Senior Times can benefit your business call (269) 979-1479 • SAGA ACHE EGO THAW LOAD CALLIOPE KINDOILY DANDY SPREE SAUL PUFF CALLISTO EMU FOLLY MOW CALLOWAY ROLLAULD POOLS ANNUL EASTDOOR CALLAHAN ANTE APSE LYE MEAL REED YEWSENIOR TIMES4642 Capital Ave. SWBattle Creek, MI 49015-9350CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED

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