Senior Times February 2019 - 26-02
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February 2019A FREE PUBLICATION Volume 26-02 SOUTH CENTRAL MICHIGANA Newspaper For And About Area Senior AdultsIntimacy | Cardiac Care | American Heart MonthTMWhat's InsideAging is a Matter of the Heart - pg 2 Sucessful Survivor - pg 316 Heart-Healthy Foods - pgs 6-7 Changing Sexual Needs - pg 10 Senior Electronic Wave - pgs 12-13Senior Support Groups - pg 5Senior Dining Centers - pg 6Activities - pgs 20-21Birthdays & Senior Housing - pgs 22-23 Crossword Puzzle - pg 24A Pew Research Center survey concludes that you're never too old to feel young. The survey revealed that the older people get, the younger they feel and that the gap between "actual age" and "felt age" actually widens as people grow older. A quote from Pablo Picasso sums this up by saying, "It takes a long time to become young."And while many can relate to this there are some chal- lenges that seniors will face as they age from health to sexuality. This issue will address a variety of changing needs that impact the physical, emotional, and social concerns of a senior's heart. The good news is that even now seniors have an opportunity to impact their heart health, from companionship to food choices. May this be your youngest and healthiest year ever.To find out how advertising in the Senior Times can benefit your business call (269) 979-1479.ANSWERSSAC SAGA ACHE EGO THAW LOAD CALLIOPE KINDOILY DANDY SPREE SAUL PUFF CALLISTO EMU FOLLY MOW CALLOWAY ROLLAULD POOLS ANNUL EASTDOOR CALLAHAN ANTE APSE LYE MEAL REED YEWSENIOR TIMES4642 Capital Ave. SWBattle Creek, MI 49015-9350CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED

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