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Page 2 Senior Times - September 2018CENTRACARE CHANGES NAME TO “SENIOR CARE PARTNERS PACE” STILLPROVIDESHEALTHYAGINGOPPORTUNITIES By:TimMitchell,FundDevelopmentCoordinator,CentraCareCentraCare has been offering healthy aging opportunities for older adults in our communi-ty for an entire decade. Things have certainly changed since the first enrollments came through the door ten years ago and things continue to change at a rapid pace. Because the organization has been helping so many seniors, several years ago a new medical clinic addition was placed on the Battle Creek building and in 2013 a new cen- ter was opened in Kalamazoo. Because of near capacity growth at both centers, a third center is now scheduled to open in Portage in the begin- ning of 2019.The past two years have especially beena phenomenal time of advancement for the organization and the strategic growth plans are pointing in the direction of continued increases. As the community population continues to age, it is very satisfying to know there is an organi- zation such as CentraCare that is here to provide healthy aging for seniors by caring for their medical and social wellbeing, while enabling them to remain in their homes for as long as possible. Alexandria Lueth, CentraCare’s CEO, stated, “As you can imagine, with significant growth comes important change and we are con- stantly evolving as an organization to better meet the needs of the elderly we serve. One of the changes we are excited to announce is that we will be taking on a new name! We believe our name should be a direct reflection of our work and relationships. Since our focus is to part-ner with seniors, their families, and other area healthcare providers and organizations to deliver high quality, participant centered senior care, we have selected ‘Senior Care Partners PACE’ as our new name.”The new name was determined after exten- sive research by consultants, many discussions,and numerous focus groups. It is the organiza- tion’s goal to make this new name synonymous with the highest level of senior care within the communities they serve. Lueth explained, “Our heart is to truly ‘care’ for the at-risk elderly in a way that surpasses the expectations of our par- ticipants and their caregiving families. Aging is not a simple task. It carries with it a myriad of obstacles for both the older adult as well as their family. We are here to ‘partner’ with multiple resources throughout our community to help seniors during this time in their life and to make available to them the most personalized care possible, coordinated by our integrated team of healthcare professionals under the PACE model of care. So, ‘Senior Care Partners PACE’ rose to the top of our list of potential names because it really speaks to what we do on a daily basis.”The new name will become effective in October 2018, but their outstanding quality of service to seniors will remain the same. In arecent satisfaction survey one participant com- mented about the personalized care she receives at CentraCare, “I feel that I am being cared for in the best way possible. I get treated not as a stranger, but as a part of the family.” Another participant added, “They help me so much with my medical care and everything else with life. Really, everything! They gave me my life and freedom back.” A thankful caregiver also com- mented, “Saying ‘everything’ may seem overly enthusiastic, but CentraCare literally saved my life and that of my aunt. I am beyond thank-ful and grateful for everything and everyone. Attitude, atmosphere, competence, kindness, but most of all, they actually DO what they say they will. It’s just phenomenal!”“...Whenever you see our new name in the very near future, ‘Senior Care Partners PACE,’ you will know it is more than a name, it is our passion, our work and the reason for our existence as an organization.” Alexandria Lueth, CEOLueth concluded, “Everything we do here, from medical care to physical therapy to social work to home care to dementia care is focused on our stated mission ‘to provide a community of wellness for older adults with chronic care needs to empower autonomy and independence in their home.’ That’s what we do best. We have a very experienced staff of healthcare profes- sionals that take our mission to heart. These are not just words on paper, but a reality we live out on a daily basis. So, whenever you see our new name in the very near future, ‘Senior Care Partners PACE,’ you will know it is more than a name, it is our passion, our work and the reason for our existence as an organization.”Experience the CentraCare Difference!WILL SOON BECOME...COORDINATED SERVICES INCLUDE...The care you need to help you stay in the home you love!• Physical and Occupational Therapy Services• Quality Medical Care • Social Services• Safety in the Home• Socialization • Support forCaregiversCall us to find out if CentraCare is right for you or someone you love.(269) 441-9319 or visit www.mycentracare.com200 W. Michigan Ave, Ste 103, Battle Creek, MI • 445 W. Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI

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