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While the program does not provide 24-hour care, the services offered are often enough to help the family keep their loved one at home for a long period of time.
The process for Waiver assistance begins with a phone call. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has specifically formulated
a telephonic evaluation for MI Choice applicants to determine potential program eligibility and waiting list placement.
During the initial phone assessment questions may be asked regarding how you do everyday tasks and to learn more about your health. Keep in mind that they are interested in your ability to do these tasks, not whether you actually did them. This will take about fifteen minutes.
It is important that you share how things really are going for you, as accurately
as possible, so they can make sure you get the kind of assistance that will best meet your needs. There will be financial questions to determine eligibility. Those who don’t qualify are also provided options and resources outside of the Waiver program that could help them.
Reach out to the Area Agency on Aging serving your county to get started. Contact information can be found on page 25.
One program run by Michigan Medicaid is the MI Choice Waiver Program, or simply, "the Waiver."
Nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities used to be the only choice for older or disabled persons who needed help caring for themselves. Today there may be the choice to stay in the home
or a community setting with the assistance provided by Waiver.
The MI Choice Waiver program provides services such as homemaking, respite and adult day care, transportation, chore services, home delivered meals, personal care supervision, and other services for adults, whose health is compromised and who would otherwise be eligible to require nursing home care.
Through this program, eligible adults who meet income and asset criteria can receive Medicaid-covered services like those provided by nursing homes, but
can stay in their own home or another residential setting. The Waiver is available in all Michigan counties. Each participant can receive the basic services Michigan Medicaid covers, and one or more of the following services unique to the Waiver:
• Community transition services
• Community living supports
• Nursing services (preventative nursing) • Respite services
• Adult day health (adult day care)
• Environmental modifications
• Non-medical transportation
• Medical supplies and equipment not
covered under the Medicaid State Plan • Chore services
• Personal emergency response systems • Private duty nursing
• Counseling
• Home delivered meals
• Training in a variety of independent
living skills
• Supports coordination • Fiscal intermediary
• Goods and services
Quality Assisted Living Services: Hospice, Respite and Memory Care Available!
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A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out
Senior Critical Home Repair & Wheelchair Ramp Program
These programs are available to low income seniors who have a need and an ability to repay a 0% interest loan.
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