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the many living opportunities for your loved one, and provides input on paying for services based on need and financial resources. We believe there are many options for you and your family regarding home care. The best way for you to start is to assess your needs and find a fit that promotes safety, welfare and happiness.
You may, however, want to start with homemaking, changing the linen, or shopping and errands; you may even need transportation to and from appointments. These are but a few of the services that
can be of great help to you and your family or loved one.
Agencies, such as ours offer many levels of care and can customize your care plan to suit specific needs. Many times our service can come to give relief to a caregiver who wants to do their own errands and this
is their opportunity to get out. We call
this respite care. Being with a loved one who might be homebound or needs great assistance in getting out can be exhausting and the “caregiver” must be relieved from time to time to lessen burnout. We all need a refreshing experience to get rejuvenated to handle the care of another.
We hope that this gives you an idea
of how care in your home can help you be mobile, in good health, and living
your life to the fullest as well as help you to know that you do have choices. You are looking at the housing guide because it is a useful tool to explore solutions that will meet your need for a change in a living situation; look to home care as a useful tool to being independent for as long
as possible.
Covering Costs for Care
Balancing the need for in-home care and financial eligibility for services can be a challenge. While most pay for in- home care out-of-pocket there are options for assistance based on service or need.
The Veterans Administration provides pension benefits to Veterans, their spouses, and widows or widowers with limited
incomes. Probably the most underutilized Veteran’s benefit available is the VA Aid and Attendance Pension. This benefit pays for home care, where traditionally, people would have to go into a nursing home to have the government (Medicaid) help pay for their care. This benefit is
a great alternative to Medicaid or even long-term-care insurance (for those who are not insurable). Information can be obtained by calling the Veterans Administration at 1-800- 827-1000.
The MI Choice Waiver will also pay for in-home services, when otherwise the person would qualify for nursing home care. The program also has a financial need qualification. For more details on this program turn to page 17.
Medicare pays health care expenses
for individuals at least 65 years old,
and for individuals who have permanent disabilities, regardless of income or assets.
In-home services may be the least costly way to get started with additional care needs. Carefully watching the changes in level of need, and realizing that additional services will be necessary at some point in your best way of being in control of making future choices.
Many times taking your medications can be challenging. A solution is to have a nurse help set up a “pill box” to ensure medications are appropriately taken. This might be your simple option for starting care assistance in the home for your loved one.
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We will work with your insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid to determine the ideal plan for your treatment.
Quality health care in the comfort of your home.
The following services are available through the Barry County Commission on Aging for persons 60 years and older.
• Sr Center Activities • Homecare Services
• SMC Restaurant Dining • Volunteer Opportunities
• Four Congregate Dining Site Locations
• Home Delivered Meals
• Home Repair Service
• Adult Day Services
• Medicare / Medicaid Info
Barry County Commission on Aging
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