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Quality of Life
• Do residents appear happy, relaxed, and comfortable?
• Do residents appear properly groomed and dressed?
• Do residents appear healthy?
• Is there a plan in place to maintain the
quality of services and care for residents?
• Is there community involvement with the
home? How is the home involved in the community? (e.g., daycare for children, block parties, meetings held at the home)
• How does the home accommodate family and friends who visit?
• Are residents involved in program design, evaluation, management, and policy development?
• Is the assistance of a physical or occupational therapist available? • Does the residence have a dentist
or dental hygienist on call?
Activities and Daily Living
• How are medications distributed and who supervises?
• Does the pharmacy provide delivery services, consultations, and medication review?
• Is there an activity schedule?
• Is there a variety of activities and times when they are offered?
• Is there an exercise program?
• Is internet/wifi available?
• Are there specific visiting hours? • Is there a private room available
for entertaining guests?
• Are coffee, tea, and other beverages
available to offer guests?
• What is the food like? (Ask if you
can have lunch or dinner there.)
• How are meals planned?
• Are special diets accommodated?
• Are residents involved in menu planning? • Are snacks available during the day?
• Are bed linens and towels provided?
• Is transportation provided? Is there
access to public transportation?
• How are personal likes and dislikes, habits,
routines, and activities accommodated? • Are religious services held on site?
Services and Fees
• Ask for a copy of all forms requiring signatures so you can review them.
• Is there a security deposit?
• Is there an application fee? Is the
fee refundable?
• What is included in the basic fee?
• How often are rates increased? Ask for a five-year history.
• Review services provided and fees for each individual service. • How much notice is given to the
resident regarding eviction or
termination of services?
• Under what circumstances can the
resident terminate the lease or contract? • What will happen if medical needs
increase to the level of care that is
beyond what the facility provides?
• What will happen when the resident's
funds run out?
Moving In
• What is the process for moving in? • Is there a needs assessment or initial
evaluation done to assure the resident
receives appropriate care and services? • What happens to the resident's room
during a temporary hospital admission? • Ask for Resident Rights information.
Moving Out
• Does the home assist with locating an appropriate care setting?
• What is the home's policy and procedure for evictions?
Espanola House Adult Foster Care provides quality care in our comfortable home setting. Our newly renovated home is designed
to support multiple levels of care, from independent with limited assistance to high ADL assistance and total dependence.
422 Espanola Ave, Parchment, MI 49004
(269) 220-5095
Caring hearts provide you with peace of mind
Battle Creek’s assisted living choice for seniors, owned and operated by Cretsinger Care Homes, Ltd. Offering supported or full care for a fixed rate.
Pennfield Premier Living 632 North Ave
Battle Creek, MI 49017
For more information contact Renee Kelly. (269) 964-8292
Licensed Adult Foster Care

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