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services, like physical therapy, occupational therapy, and help bathing. Naturally, most seniors would like to
continue living at home, if at all possible.
for around the clock in-home care. Most government programs and insurance pay for short daily or weekly visits or services.
Some services are available at little
personal care needs that would require skilled nursing or nursing home care.
Through Waiver, nurse and social worker teams work with participants to
One must consider, however, if these services will provide all the necessary care that is required to insure the safety and well being of an individual. If a significant amount of care is required,
this choice could become cost prohibitive and perhaps unsafe. Another consideration is the lack of social interaction that the home service provides. Isolation leads
to depression and this can greatly affect ones health. Read more on pages 18-19. Paying for in-home services can be
complicated and expensive. No private insurance or government agency pays
or no cost for those who qualify through
an Area Agency on Aging, the Veterans Administration, Medicare, Medicaid, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), and other sources.
MI Choice Waiver Programs
Today there may be the choice to stay in your home or a community setting, with additional assistance, if you or a loved one are able to meet income and asset criteria. Futher, the person will qualify based on
develop a person-centered, individualized plan that includes a mix of services
appropriate to their needs and preferences. Person-centered means that the needs of the client, their desires, preferences, and goals are given priority as staff work with the client and their caregivers to determine how, when, where, and by whom services are provided.
To find a MI Choice Waiver Program in your area reach out to your Area Agency on Aging to get started. Read more about Waiver on page 17.
Payment for in-home services will vary depending upon the provider.

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