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“What an ex- citing time to be a woman in business in Battle Creek!” says Sheri Harris with a twinkle in her eye and a resolute- ness in her voice. “There are women
in city government, county government, and women leading the foundations in this community...what a time to be a woman in this community!”
Sheri is “behind the Scene” at Scene magazine selling ads for the periodical which she says is relationship building and “...that’s something that’s been going on here at Scene Magazine for 40 years. This magazine was started by a woman (Shirley DeRuiter) who was deeply entrenched in this community and created veins that run deep.” Sheri is proud to be a part of that and believes she is living her faith in ac- tion, “I must be involved,” she says.
Sheri’s a Battle Creek native... well,
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sheri Harris
really Pennfield born, raised, and educat- ed. After attending Kellogg Community College, a marriage and divorce, Sheri is raising three boys (14, 12 and 9) as a single Mom and now returning to school to work on her Master’s Degree. She believes she gets her conviction to serve and be active in her community from her mother, Mick- ey Harris. Her mother was a Kellogg re- tiree who became a community organizer and insisted her daughter attend leader- ship training with JONAH. “I learned you needed to bring solutions to the table...
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and gather people around that table and with that you could become a catalyst for change,” Sheri says. “But, I also learned I needed more training and so I’ve chosen to return to school.” Sheri hasn’t chosen just any school to get her Master’s Degree... she’s chosen to attend classes through Western Theological Seminary. “The min- istry is who I am. Marketing is what I do,” she says. And why marketing? “I need to be engaged in the community and Scene Magazine offers creative freedom and rela- tionship building. I love people and inter- facing with people... I love making some- thing great into something even better.”
We talked about the challenges of being a single mother, raising boys, and making a living. “My father raised me to believe ‘You can do ANYthing’ and I believed it then and believe it now.” Although Sheri says there were not necessarily a lot of po- sitions available for women when she first started working, her desire to be compet- itive drove her to choose work where she could succeed and mentor those who also want to succeed. “I believe my vision is to work together, to put aside the competitive nature of ‘win for winning’s sake’ and root for one another; to put aside the competi- tion and edify one another. There’s enough opportunity to go around,” Sheri says.
Sheri’s experiences of working at a nursing home, raising children, attending college, working in marketing, and her community volunteering seems to drive her desire to build a ministry based in lead- ership and social justice. “I want to be a more developed leader and by that I mean that I want to know who I am leading and what I seek to change or do. I want to know that what I work for can be sustained and I want the opportunity to bring people to- gether,” she says.
And when there’s a spare minute or two she reads. “I only have time for non-fic- tion right now.” Sheri says she’s reading, “Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road?” by Brian McLaren. She says it’s about how to live in a multi-faith world.
So, now when you run into Sheri just know that she’s probably commuting be- tween home, work, school and her latest community project (with a book tucked away in case she finds a minute), but she will always have time to find out what’s happening in your life and what’s import- ant to you.
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