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Then, one August night in 2015, Katie couldn’t sleep was surfing the internet. Out of curiosity, she did a search of salons for sale in Battle Creek. She had no idea there were any salons for sale. An address of 848 Goguac St. W. popped up. There was no name listed on the posting, so the next day, Katie drove by the address. It looked really good from the outside. That Thursday, one of her clients, a friend who is a realtor, was able to get her in to look at the salon on the inside. Katie was over- joyed to find that it was a perfect setup and ironically, there were “A’s” painted on the walls, which stood for the former salon name, “Antoria’s.” She had no doubt that she would rename it, “Angelo’s Salon Spa.” Katie said, “Seeing the salon and the A’s seemed like a sign, and I really wanted to give back some recognition to my par- ents.” She reasoned that our parents, Carl and Betty Angelo, ran a great business with Angelo’s restaurant, and they taught her well, so it seemed like the appropriate name for her salon. She also learned a lot about business from Joe and Carol Ferrari, who were fair, but always ran a tight ship.
So far, Katie’s new endeavor, Angelo’s Salon Spa, is doing very well. She decid- ed to start small, and the salon currently consists of her and one other hair design- er, Ellyn Chandler. Both have a regular clientele, but are also enthusiastically taking walk-ins. Ellyn has been a jack-of- all-trades, doing shellac nails, manicures, and pedicures, in addition to hair at the present time. While her true passion is hair, she’s been very willing to help wher- ever needed, honing her skills along the way. “I would love to represent this salon in the BBi show in Las Vegas and the pre- mier show in Orlando,” Katie says. She continues, “While I loved my studio, I be- lieve that hair designers/colorists belong in a salon environment together for learn- ing purposes.” Ideally, Katie would like to see the salon as a team that gets along like a functional family and has fun together. Ellyn agrees with these sentiments. With the patronage Angelo’s Salon Spa has ex- perienced so far, Katie has decided to rent out three additional booths to hair design- ers. “My goal is to build a small team of professionals, who are interested in sup- porting each other and continuing their education,” she says.
In addition to more hair designers, Katie is also in search of a full-time nail technician. The nail room at the salon is large enough to accommodate two tech- nicians and is already set up and awaiting the right person to rent it. “I have a beau- tiful pedi spa massage chair and brand new nail table,” said Katie. The room has
a happy, positive vibe and a good color scheme reminiscent of a beach.
While envisioning an expanded team, Katie is content forging ahead for now with herself and Ellyn as a duo at the sa- lon. She is hoping to find people as pas- sionate as she and Ellyn are about the in- dustry, and one of the reasons she decided to rent a chair to Ellyn was because of the love she demonstrates for her profession. Says Katie, “The hair and nail industry is the most fun and rewarding industry hands downs. What other industry can make people feel better about themselves and boost self-esteem like this one?”
So if you’re a licensed hair designer or nail technician who is interested in being a part of a small family atmosphere and continuing your education, Angelo’s Sa- lon Spa might just be the place for you. The amount of walk-ins and phone ups they’ve been getting has amazed Katie. She says, “It’s been a huge bonus that this business property was a salon before I bought it, and one with a good reputation at that!” She continues, “Our rent is very competitive, and it comes with perks in- cluded.”
Katie reflected a lot on how far she’s come while talking to me for this article. She is very thankful for our parents, es- pecially for the knowledge they instilled
in her during her upbringing and through- out her adult life. She gave a lot of praise to Joe (God rest his soul) and Carol Fer- rari for all of their tutelage. She says of the Ferraris, “I could not have had better mentors.” She is also very grateful for her husband, Ron, for his support, as well as her family, friends, and clients. “Their belief in me and encouragement has truly been a blessing. I couldn’t have done it without them,” she said.
While wrapping up our discussion for this article, Katie shared with me a story about traveling on a plane and being seat- ed between two corporate men. They were discussing world events back and forth, when one of them asked her what she did for a living. She decided to be extreme- ly honest and replied, “I’m a Tricholo- gist,” which is exactly what she is. “You could have heard a pin drop,” laughed Katie. One of the men muttered, “Wow, that must be very interesting.” Katie just smiled and stated, “You have no idea.” She knew they literally had no idea what the word meant. It comes from the base word, Trichology, which is the science of hair and scalp problems. A Trichologist is a person who studies this subject and is an expert in all types of hair loss, hair disor- ders, and scalp problems. Yeah, my sister is pretty cool.
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