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“What are you doing now that you’re retired?”
After hearing that question over the last six months, we decided we needed to have an answer other than, “I’m not retired.” The most important task we accomplish is learning that there is life after multiple careers of 9-to-5 respon- sibilities. Although we believe 9-to-5 responsibilities are vitally important to make our community operate like a well- oiled machine, “To everything there is a season ...”
T. R. and I both have varied experi- ences which we believe will translate well into our future. T. R. has a degree in journalism and experience with pub- lic affairs in the U. S. Navy and 30 years plus in the funeral business, Kathy’s ex- perience includes 25 years in broadcast television. We’re both writers (and read- ers) and have an amazing yearning to tell stories about people and places here in Michigan. We both lived away from Michigan and chose to move back to the state that includes the best summers
anywhere...and, oh yes, a kind of frozen tundra in the winter.
We’ve been known to travel as far north as Ontario in the midst of winter and we have friends who can testify that Traverse City in January and February can’t be beat when it comes to visiting wineries and our favorite cherry retailer, Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor. Our ex- periences take us to many of the wonder- ful cities in Michigan including Detroit, for the auto show in January; South Hav- en, for lunch at Clementine’s and a walk out to the lighthouse; Midland, to see their incredible community center; Sault St. Marie, to take the snow train north; Mount Pleasant, because we’re both CMU graduates-Fire Up Chips!; Colon, for dinner at River Lake Inn and alllll the hummingbirds; Harbor Springs to Cross Village, to experience the tunnel of trees; and on and on.
To find more answers to the question of, “What are you doing now that you’re
retired?” well, we are talking to people... on the phone, over lunch, on email, at ser- vice club meetings, at charitable events, at the movies and symphony, and just about anywhere. We talk about what’s happening in our community, what we’d like to see happen in our community, how we can get more people involved in our community, what’s important to peo- ple in the community, and maybe even “Have you tried the new restaurants on Columbia Avenue?” We are hearing sto- ries from professional storytellers as well as from people like us (don’t miss the upcoming Mosaic event); we hear music from almost every street corner as well as W. K. Auditorium; we can see art every- where/anywhere we look including our very own Sojourner Truth at the corner of Michigan and Division; not to men- tion watching students of our community participating in a robotics competition and just about any sport you can think of. There’s so much to see and do right here that keeping up with it all and sharing it could keep anyone busy.
Besides just fun and entertainment, there’s the entrepreneurial side of this. How can all these advantages we have in our community be turned into commer- cial advantages so that those who desire can stay in the community we love? And what does that have to do with us? We are exploring many of these ideas and more so we too, can stay around here... where both of us were born, educated, and nurtured to be involved and care about the other people who want to call this home.
The next time you see us, feel free to ask that question “What are you doing now that you’re retired?” and we’ll have an answer...or two, and may talk your ear off about the great things happening here and ask you, “What’s happening around you?”
From our years in the funeral busi- ness we know that life is short, enjoy it now... and pass it along.
T. R. Shaw
Co-Founder and CEO
Kathy (Banfield) Shaw Co-Founder and President Shaw Communication, Inc.
Co-Founder / CEO
Co-Founder / President

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