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February is Heart Health month and it’s a great time to re-evaluate your fit- ness program, make changes and modi- fications, and really lock in a great total body workout.
Most of the fitness articles you see during heart month will be related to tra- ditional stationary aerobic exercise equip- ment; treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, etc., and group aerobic classes. While there is nothing wrong with those training systems, not everyone enjoys them or desires to put that much time into training.
A proven, time efficient alternative to traditional long endurance type exercise programs, is a strength training system known as High Intensity Training (HIT). For the person who is looking for a change to their program, with an emphasis on over- all body development; muscle, strength, fat
Put your heart into it – the H.I.T. way!
reduction, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory health and they want it in as little time as • possible, HIT is the answer.
Skip the hours on the treadmill and in- stead devote 15-30 mins/day – 2-3x/wk to training as hard as you can. Here are the rules: • • Perform one set of 4-6 exercises for the
lower body, 6-8 exercises for the upper
body, and no more than 12 machines in • any single workout.
• Select a resistance on each exercise that allows you to do approximately 8-12 • repetitions in proper form, through the
full range of motion. (8 repetitions or
less means the resistance is too heavy; • 12 repetitions or more means the resis-
tance is too light).
• Continue each exercise until no addi-
tional repetitions are possible in good
form (15 repetitions maximum). When • 12 or more repetitions are performed properly for two consecutive workouts, • increase the resistance by
approximately 5% at the next workout. Position the body in a straight aligned manner. Avoid twisting or shifting your weight during movement. Use the safety belts when provided with certain machines.
Maintain a loose, comfortable grip. Squeezing the handgrips results in elevated blood pressure.
Work the largest muscle groups first, then proceed to the smaller. (Legs, Back and Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Abdomen) Use the following count: four second lifting motion and four second lowering motion.
Use full range of motion on each ma- chine to develop full-range strength and flexibility. Concentrate on flexibility by slowly stretching during the first three repetitions.
Breathe normally. Do not hold your breath while training.
Move slower, never faster, if in doubt about the speed of movement. Do
not sacrifice form for speed. Slower repetitions will recruit a greater number of muscle fibers and produce greater results.
• Rest a minimum of 48 hours and not more than 96 hours between successive workouts.
That’s it! It seems simple enough. The theory is simple, but the workout is intense and will produce equal results when com- pared with high volume workouts in 1/10 the time. This is a great program to have and use all the time or to pull out of the tool chest on occasion when you just don’t have the time to do traditional workouts.
You will see a positive modification in all the key cardiovascular risk factors when performing HIT as directed above. Blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, stress, belly fat, etc. all change posi tively and reduce your risk of cardiovas- cular disease. In addition, you will gain greater cardiovascular endurance when performing HIT.
Heart month is 12 months long, 24/7, not just 30 days. Focus on heart health con- tinuously and with the implementation of HIT, you eliminate the most common rea- son for not exercising - lack of time! Now go apply the steps above and strengthen your heart, you can do it!

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