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For Our Health
Most people do not plan on using a home care service. It may be after a discharge from the hospital or a nurs- ing home or a rehabilitation center
that a discharge planner, social worker or nurse suggests a little help at home may be an option for you. Once you have experienced the help of a home care agency, you will be very happy and wonder how you managed alone.
There a many types of home care services available to our community. Many are Medicare certified agencies that will bill Medicare after a hospital or facility setting for a short time, while you recuperate. This may include services such as Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Skilled Nursing, and a Bath Aide service. Your discharge team that includes you and your family will decide what services should be ordered for you. You wishes and thoughts are included in this determination.
These services are generally covered by your insurance. Your Doctor signs an order and this will get the ball rolling.
There is another “private” type of service, such as our company that is
Planning For Your Home Care Needs
not covered by Medicare but may be covered by long term care insurance and private pay.
We also have contracts with Senior Services and Care Well Services that cover financially qualified individuals. Many folks will pay out of pocket for a few weeks of service to get back on your feet or while you recover from your surgery.
This is a tremendous service and a relief to the family for the support it can give and the perform services that family would like to do but are just not able. They are not able as they may live in another part of the country or do not have any time to spare as they work, are raising a family or just have
a busy lifestyle. These services can be customized to fit the needs of a loved one and can include personal care, housekeeping, errands, and transportation. The client and family will choose the times, the tasks and be included in the plan of care. These services can be flexible and affordable to all families faced with the tasks of daily living for their loved one. It can be as little as two hours per week or can include up to 24 hours of care, per day. Whatever a family feels is the best fit for them.
There are many agencies like ours; perhaps you will be referred by a family member, a discharge planner, a previous client or someone you trust. Please take the time to consider this on your journey home from the hospital, facility or rehab center. This will relieve your family and yourself of the thoughts as to how can we do all of the duties of maintaining a home, fix meals and spend the important time recovering from an illness.
These services are there for you and our community, do not hesitate to contact them to hear more and find out how they may assist you.
You may find them in this magazine, in the Senior Housing Directory or ask your discharge planner.
Thomas J. Unger, ACSW Patricia D. Slayton, RN, MSN
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