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For Our Health
Popular Workshops Offered by CareWell Services Southwest
CareWell Services Southwest is of- fering evidence based programs in 2017: the Diabetes Personal Action Towards Health and “A Matter of Balance.”
Evidence based programs have prov- en that small changes can lead to better outcomes for participants. In order to maintain independent living, older adults should prevent falls and prevent or lim- it the effects of diabetes. We encourage caregivers and family members to partic- ipate in the workshops, too.
The Diabetes Personal Action Toward Health (DPATH) program is a six week Self-Management program, offering participants a chance to meet in small group settings for two and a half hours each week. Participants learn and prac- tice simple methods for taking control of their health, nutrition, simple exercises, communicating with health care pro- viders, and managing their medications, plus ways to handle negative emotions that can arise from having a chronic con- dition.
Diabetes PATH workshops may be for you if you:
• Are you 55 or older with long-term
health conditions
• Feel limited in your day-to-day
• Feel tired, alone or fearful
• Are looking for better ways to
manage your symptoms
Diabetes affects many older adults in Michigan. It is estimated that one third of adults with diabetes are undiagnosed. If not managed, the disease leads to heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, eye dam- age, and amputations.
“A Matter of Balance” (MOB) is an evidence based fall prevention program to help reduce the risk of falls. The MOB class uses practical strategies to manage falls. Participants meet weekly for eight weeks, and learn to view falls as control- lable, set goals for increasing activity, make changes to reduce falls at home, and easy chair-based stretches and exer- cise movements to gain strength and bal- ance. People who are concerned about falls, have fallen in the past, or who want to improve balance and flexibility can benefit from this class.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that indicate approx- imately 40 percent of seniors fall at least once each year. The majority of these falls are at home and out of sight of others. Fall related injuries are a leading cause of nursing home admissions. No matter how old you are, you can learn ways to help take control of your risk factors for both falls and diabetic complications!
Many of the leaders who present ev- idence based programs are people who have also had chronic conditions and have benefitted from these workshops in their own quest for better health. Par- ticipants at Marshall’s Trinity Episcopal Church Diabetes PATH class last sum- mer had this to say; “Excellent leaders and material. I learned a lot of myself and my son. Thank you!” “Great class- Time well spent. Presenters very well informed.” “Well worth my time.” “I learned a lot. I have more insight about things I thought I knew.”
Karen Manney, Program Coordina- tor, invites groups to host these fun in- teractive workshops. “Usually, we take names and information of interested persons on a class list, and then contact them once we have the minimum of 10 persons to let them know where and when the class will take place. Our goal is at least two classes of each type per year, but we are happy to do more. We want to make workshops accessible for people who need them. If your congre- gation, business or service group has older adults at risk for falls or persons with diabetes, you should host a class! We’ll help you with the sign-up sheets, make sure the meeting room is accessi- ble and class-friendly, and we’ll provide the class leaders.”
If you would like more information on this exciting opportunity, please con- tact CareWell Services Southwest at (269) 966-2450 or 1-800-626-6719. Call us, we’re here to help!
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