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Business Perspectives
How to use the Chamber of Commerce to promote your business.
BY KARA BEER, President
There are a few Chambers of Com- merce in Calhoun County. Each one is unique in its approach to events, meetings and help- ing local business. Each has a unified
goal: help promote local business.
A membership in a chamber is only as good as you make it. Think gym membership. I would like to share with you five ideas for promoting your
business through a chamber:
First, join your local Chamber of
Commerce. Once you join, you can ask for a listing of all upcoming Chamber of Commerce meetings.
Second, grab your business cards and go to one of the regular meetings. You will meet fellow entrepreneurs and have the chance to exchange business cards and make others aware of your business. You can also learn from others who have successfully launched and grown a business.
Third, prepare your one sentence pitch. You will have the opportunity to tell other business people what you do, and you need to be able to describe your business with a short, attention- getting sentence. Once you open the conversation with someone at a meeting, focus on ways you can help them reach their goals. This can gain you a valuable ally in the business world.
Fourth, obtain a list of members from your Chamber of Commerce. You will find names and contact members. You can contact specific people with proposals for joint venture and co-marketing programs. Search for businesses that complement yours, and use your shared membership in the Chamber of Commerce as an icebreaker when you can call them.
Fifth, attend special seminars. Your Chamber of Commerce may host learning sessions on a variety of business topics. You can not only learn about many aspects of running a business, you can meet others who are engaged in the same process and gain from their experiences.
Commerce can help you gain access to the tools than can promote your business. Many services are free, and you can begin taking advantage of them immediately. Prepare yourself by looking at some advantages of joining you Chamber of Commerce and making plans to participate in the opportunities that are best for your business. You can network, learn from others and make valuable contacts once you know what your Chamber of Commerce offers.
I encourage each of you to not only join your local chamber, but to use these free, low cost easy ideas to help you promote your business.
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Joining your local Chamber of

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