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Did You Know?
Did You Know... the latest craze in fitness is called Car- dio Drumming? And the place to find it is at the Battle Creek YMCA with in- structor Robert Pot- ter. You may wonder
what’s so great about Cardio Drumming... just ask any of the members who take one of the two weekly classes offered. Robert says it’s good for the heart, “We really get the heartbeat up”’s good for the arms, “Your arms never stop moving”... and “... there’s a lot of leg movement as well...we do a lot of squats.” Robert laughs when he says this, but I think he’s serious. He says you can burn up to a thousand calories in an hour...that sounds serious to me.
Robert is perfect for this class. He has more energy than a three year old and loves to share his enthusiasm for health and fitness with anyone in the vicinity of his voice. I met Robert at the Energy
Robert Potter
Nook in downtown Battle Creek where he spends time leading fitness classes and fit- ness camps as well as expounding on the positive results of good nutrition in your life. Robert’s “official” title is Health and Fitness Coach and he takes that seriously. He wasn’t always as healthy as he is today. “I was a football player, All Conference in
high school, but when I entered college at Grand Rapids Community College to con- tinue to play football I was asked to beef up in the training room and soon I was a 330 pound athlete,” Robert explains. When he left college and returned to Battle Creek it didn’t take long before he found the scale revealing he was “...up to 350 pounds, sitting on the couch and eating chips,” he says. Through his church, the First Salem Missionary Baptist Church here in Battle Creek he was offered the opportunity to join the local YMCA through its Choose to Lose program. Robert was a stay-at-home Dad at the time so he’d drop off the girls at the child care facility at the Y and begin a two hour a day fitness session. At the end of a month he was happy he’d lost 10 pounds but disappointed it wasn’t more. “After all,” he says, “I was working out two hours a day! I’m super competitive so I looked at this as a win, but I thought I could do better.” He ran into a former teacher who asked him how things were going and Rob- ert told him his story. It wasn’t long before Robert began to understand that in addition to that workout schedule maybe he should think more about the food he was eating. “I had my ‘aha’ moment,” he says. That’s when Robert learned about Herbalife and the positive effects nutrition just might have for him. “Instead of 100 percent fit- ness I needed to learn that it’s 80% nutri- tion and 20% fitness,” he says.
Robert was born and raised in Battle Creek, a proud 2008 graduate of Battle Creek Central High School. He was an athlete in high school participating in foot- ball, track, wrestling, and power lifting (in fact he was #5 in the state as a senior). “I was really excited to attend GRCC to con- tinue playing football. I always thought of myself as fit and active.” It was only after losing over 100 pounds that he realized he could do some good by sharing his familiar story with others. As with any technology savvy young person, Robert used social media to chronicle his journey of weight loss and his discovery of how adding nu- trition changed his life. “I am blown away by the people who tell me I’ve helped them change their life,” he says.
Robert is 26 years old with many active years in front of him. “I have plans to con- tinue to move forward, but I believe you start at home helping people,“ he says. “I have a genuine desire to help people... it’s who I am.”
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