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 “What’s so funny?” That’s my wife, Terri, yelling at me from the living room.
freedom – I mean “actual” true freedom... is given the chance to keep working for it.
or about me. But every once in awhile I’ll do something she’s surprised by, or maybe even a bit impressed by... that’s when she calls me “Rick.” The sincerity in her voice gives me a warmth that I can’t describe.
 day late – you’re late all day.” That philosophy reminds me of one the great truths in life. Do you wanna hit every street light green? Go to your destination two minutes early. The reverse is true, too. Wanna hit every light red? Leave two minutes late. Seems like it happens to me every darn time.
And darn near every time I’ve told myself to take my time, and be perfect... “Darn it Rick, you have to be perfect on THIS thing!” It hasn’t always worked out. That’s the truth. Because really... half of the time I get something right, and REALLY put my mind to it – truthfully – I also got a little lucky.
I didn’t wanna let her down. Another truth is – that maybe – when she reaches my age, she’ll look fondly at the pictures of her wedding day, and see my face. Then, she might smile and say... “That’s my uncle Rick.” I think that might be what heaven is.
During these times maybe we’ve been two minutes late. Gosh, I wish I knew. I really wish I knew. But I don’t – it’s a hard truth to take. And I wonder, will we ever get our freedoms back?
I will hope that luck is on our side.
Here’s an unexpected truth...
my name. Terri calls me a hundred different names. Usually my mood or my bad actions (and maybe some good actions, too) dictate how she refers
to me. Casually, and usually, it’s the common monikers of affection... honey, darling, my handsome husband (I added “handsome”), dad, grandpa... all the names she uses when speaking to me,
Well, for over a month now, I have started my mornings trying to remind myself what the heck the day of the week it is. Truth is, they’ve all become the same. No prefix, no Mon, no Tues, no Wednes... just... “day.”
You know what? I think that just maybe we never have “true” freedom. We strive for it – sure. We may even convince ourselves that we have it already. I actually think that “true”
My mom and I always shared a philosophy... “If you start the
Okay, I’m darn near 60 years old... holy bananas! Stuff’s happened. I can say with absolute truth that every time I’ve achieved perfection... well, if I’m going to be absolutely honest... I wasn’t even trying to be perfect. I just got lucky.
I’ll show a picture or two of my latest project at the end of the my column – that said – my youngest niece, Samantha, asked if her uncle Rick would make the card box for her wedding. It wasn’t easy. A wooden box made into the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head. I researched, and brainstormed, then eventually built it. The truth is...
Random Truths
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