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 I’m about to paraphrase for two reasons... One, I’m too lazy to find the actual quote – that’s the truth. And, two, it’ll save me from breaking any weird copyright laws. “Sometimes being lazy is a really good idea!”
Kohl’s Cash. It’s a size 3X. It’s a tent. It’s like heaven to wear! I’ve named this remarkably attractive fashion trend... “stay-at-home-sexy.” And that’s the truth.
Samantha’s Wedding
Card Box.
The box is about 18” high, and 6” front to back. The faces were cut from 1/2” plywood. The slats
are cut from 1/8” plywood. They’re 1/2” wide with a 15° bevel on both sides so that they would lock together when glued on a curve. I carved the words from 1/4” poplar. The finish is a walnut stain, six coats of poly,
a final coat of paste wax, and after 10 hours it was done!
 “What’s so funny?” That’s my wife, Terri, yelling at me from the living room. When I wake up in the morning...
“I’m not asking a fourth time! What’s so funny?” That’s my wife, Terri, yelling at me from the living room.
first... I put on my slippers. Then I take about three steps into our half-bath off of the bedroom. This place has been unofficially labeled “my” bathroom. I then put on my housecoat. It’s a light- gray, zippered, hoody sweatshirt from my son’s high school soccer team.
Then finally I yell back. “I just came across this quote... When you
get dressed today – should you happen to pass away – remember the clothes you put on will be your ghost clothes forever.” Terri laughed as hard as I did. Then added... “Well, at least you’ll be wearing your favorite shirt!”
 It’s tattered. The unwashable ring-a- round-the-collar is best described as a sediment layer in the Grand Canyon.
When you email to enter the “Find Rick” contest this month... please tell me you’re okay. Then write about what made you laugh recently. We’ll get to laugh together. And that’s awesome. And that’s the truth.
On this particular day, the rest of my attire was in this order. Probably the two oldest white socks in my drawer. The elastic edges have not fared well, so the socks lounge around the top of my slippers. My running pants are probably 20 years old. The black pants are horribly scared by paint and hardened globs of wood glue. Then the great prize... my giant pink shirt! It was an impulse purchase. My wife needed five more dollars to get a larger amount of
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