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   When it comes to prostate cancer, awareness is the key.
Nearly 1 in
7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. While pros-
tate health and prostate cancers
Family history is also an indicator of risk. If you have a father, brother, or son who has had prostate cancer, you are two to three times more likely to develop prostate cancer.
  The American Cancer Society states that 6 out of 10 men diagnosed are over the age of 65. The average age of diagnosis is about 66.
  aren’t normally something we focus on, it is important to take time to know the facts about prostate cancer.
A small gland located under- neath the bladder, a healthy prostate usually goes unnoticed. As men age, the prostate can begin to grow, causing difficulty with urination. An enlarged prostate can cause hesitan- cy, urgency, and pain. This growth in the prostate, often non-cancerous, can be treated with medication, lifestyle changes, or surgery.
Race is also a contributing factor. Prostate cancer is more common in African-American men. It also tends to start younger and progress faster than in other groups of men. To date, there has been no determina- tion as to why this is the case.
Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in U.S. men. While that is a startling statistic, most men will not ultimately die from the disease. Why? Prostate cancers usually grow slowly and most men diagnosed with the cancer are over age 65. The Prostate Cancer Foundation notes that nearly three million U.S. men are currently liv- ing with prostate cancer.
The symptoms for prostate can- cer vary from man to man. Some men may have no symptoms at all. Symptoms may include the follow- ing:
• Difficulty starting urination.
• Frequent urination, especially at
Screening options for prostate cancer are available. The digital rectal exam (DRE) and prostate specific antigen (PSA) test are the most common. These and other tests are being studied for their help in diagnosing the cancer while also de- creasing the chances of dying. The CDC states that medical groups do not agree on any specific screening recommendations for every circum- stance.
Although the numbers of men living with the disease is impressive, prostate cancer is still the third lead- ing cause of cancer death for men. Deaths due to prostate cancer are outpaced only by lung and colorec- tal cancers. The American Cancer Society estimates that nearly 27,000 men will die from prostate cancer this year alone.
• Weak or interrupted flow of urine. • Difficulty emptying the bladder
If a blood test is performed and it comes back not normal, the only way to determine if this is due to cancer is to do a biopsy. With a biopsy, small pieces of the prostate can be examined in a lab. If cancer is detected, your doctor will discuss treatment options. Options can in- clude consistent monitoring, radia- tion, or surgery.
With over 160,000 new projected cases of prostate cancer diagnosed just this year, what do you need to know to take control of your pros- tate health?
• Pain or burning during urination. • Blood in urine or semen.
• Painful ejaculation.
If you have any of these or other symptoms, speak with your doctor.
There is no one screening or one treatment that is best for every man. If you have concerns or questions, you should speak to your doctor.
It is also important to understand your risk factors for prostate cancer. Age is your great-
est risk. As you grow older, your chance of acquir- ing prostate cancer grows. The Ameri- can Cancer Society states that 6 out of 10 men diagnosed are over the age of 65. The average age of diagnosis is about 66.
Kevin Brewton, MD is a doctor at Bronson Urology Specialists. Bronson Urology Specialists treat men experiencing problems with their urinary tract. This includes kidneys, ureter, bladder and ure- thra, as well as the reproductive system. Bronson Urology Spe- cialists is located at 4441 Capital Avenue SW in Battle Creek. For information, or to make an appoint- ment, call (800) 979-6667.

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