Page 16 - Scene Magazine 45-11 November 2020
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  Business Perspectives
    What has become clear is that the role and value of
Our Four Key Priority Areas
1. Be a Center of Excellence for Busi-
4. Organizational Excellence – Ensure the Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce is the best organization it can be for staff and members.
chambers of commerce has never been more crucial. Not just to get our communi- ties through the pandemic but to help drive economic recovery far into the future.
ness – Be the number one resource for best practice and innovative re- sources and information for the busi- ness community in the greater Battle Creek region and Calhoun County.
So many of you have been innovating through these challenging times. Our team is inspired. And we know continu- ing to share best practices and innova- tions – and connecting as a community to build our future – will make us all stronger. Our Chamber team will con- tinue to need grit, passion, innovation, and a collaborative mindset to move the economy and community forward.
While referencing the 2020 adopted strategic plan of the Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce I am reminded of how, while the strategies and tasks may be adjusted now, we here at the Chamber are having impact with the community on a multitude of ways daily.
2. Storytelling – Help business pro- fessionals craft their narratives, and serve as a community platform and megaphone for business success stories.
Over the next few months, I will
go more into detail of each of our key priority areas and how we are having or looking to have impact in our communi- ty over the next year. Stay tuned.
Impact Statement of the Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce
3. Community Advocacy – Provide the information, connections and services that will help businesses and organizations proactively address
We have never faced a pandemic
of this scale in our lifetime. Add to that global economic im- pacts that will likely linger for months or even years.
the greatest challenges within their businesses/organizations, so they can best promote, serve, and grow within our region.
Moving Business Forward During the Pandemic
The Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce connects and empowers business and community professionals to have the courage and confidence to be catalytic leaders in addressing their busi- ness and communities’ greatest issues.

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