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  much healthier to have an extra helping of love, not stuffing.
Which brings us back to entitlement. No one is owed a piece of pie. It isn’t your right to have pie, it is your choice. And, with choices come consequences. In this case, the consequence is that you WILL gain weight. Another consequence is that, if you’ve been losing weight pri- or to the pumpkin pie, you WILL crave more sugar after the pumpkin pie. Not my opinion, it’s a biochemical certainty.
How? Because Billy scored a goal and he got a milk shake, so Billy associates sugar to accomplishment. Melinda was teased for getting a bad grade at school, so Mom gave her some cookies – so Melinda associates sugar with comfort. Billy and Melinda get up before Mom and Dad want to, so Mom and Dad fill up huge bowls of cereal and park the kids in front
We are a culture of entitlement. Maybe it’s a side effect of democracy – we are so used to having rights that we believe everything is our right. We have the right to vote. We have the right to freedom of expression. And you have the right to eat stuffing, green bean casse- role, and pumpkin pie. However, if you are one of the 69% of Americans who are overweight or obese, you need to un- derstand one more God-given right. You have the right, in fact you are virtually guaranteed the right, to gain weight... because that’s how you were designed to survive.
We are a culture that revolves EVERYTHING around food. I literally can’t count the number of people who have asked me, “We want to go to the movies – what do we do?” We are such a food reliant society we don’t even know how to watch a movie without eating! It feels unnatural to us! Think about it.
of a television until Mom and Dad
are ready to get up. Now those kids associate sugar with curing boredom. And every time they have sugar, that front part of their brain goes crazy, because sugar releases dopamine (your happy hormone) and that dopamine goes to the frontal cortex and makes us feel happy. Now we don’t just associ- ate sugar with happiness, we CRAVE sugar AND happiness! So we go after more, and more, and more.
Fact: People that lose 10% or more of their bodyweight see a significant change in their hormones. Leptin, the hormone that tells you you are full, almost completely goes away. Ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates hunger and cravings for sugar and carbs, can increase over 400% in these individ- uals. Why? Well, several reasons, but
This all starts in our childhood. While our little brains are still forming (and it’s the frontal part of the brain that forms the most – which is pleasure seeking), we start learning what our relationship with food is going to be. And, as parents, you really need to recognize this: nearly
I could go on and on, but this is
too long already. I hope that it at least makes you think a little. Have a safe, and HEALTHY holiday. And remember two important things: Hugs have zero calo- ries, and your kids crave them a million times more than sugar... and they don’t need a cookie after one. I promise.
This might not make me popular, but I hope it makes you think. Cele- brate the holidays enjoying your fam- ily more than your food. There’s room for both, but it’s
the overall purpose is intelligent design – God wanted us to want food because it would keep us alive. And when you lose weight it is a sign you aren’t eating enough, so our bodies do everything they can to gain that weight back. In other words, your butt really doesn’t care what size YOU want it – it cares what size will ensure its longevity.
90% of obese adults started as over- weight kids. PLEASE READ THAT SENTENCE AGAIN: 90% OF OBESE ADULTS STARTED AS OVER- WEIGHT KIDS!
More Love – Less Stuffing
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