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  the mixture get foamy. The coffee doesn’t taste any better, it just makes it seem more special.
So when I became the voting age...
I went to the Post Office. I registered for the draft, and I became a registered voter. I haven’t missed a Presidential election
– well, at least I don’t remember that
I’ve forgotten one. And the “off-year” elections? Well, nobody’s perfect. I tend to be a little hit and miss on those.
“Ah! It’s Election Day! Oh, wait a minute, I already voted.” The realization calmed me, so I headed off to make the bed before settling down with some internet- news and my foamy cup of coffee.
Now “by mail” isn’t for everyone. Like I said... I’ve never done it before. However, the unpredictable events this year had me
a bit worrisome about being given the opportunity to stand in line. And when the form arrived to apply for the mail-in ballot, Terri and I decided that it’d be a smart idea. So we filled out our ballots, sealed them in the envelope, and sent them on their way – being sure that they would arrive in time for Election Day.
I do take the importance and the gift of the process pretty seriously. Nobody but my wife knows who I vote for, or of what party affiliation I lean towards. In fact most people that want to talk about politics with me think that I’m on their side. And that’s because I read A LOT about BOTH sides... then I make my decision on Election Day.
The morning sun was so bright that it still shined through the drapes, so I got to make the bed without having to turn on
the lights. What a pleasure. I have to tell you though that rebalancing my internal clock after the end of Daylight Savings has been difficult. I’ve been falling asleep on the couch trying to stay up an extra hour, and then I wake up REALLY early. Holy bananas.
My enthusiasm for the electoral process began during my school days. Every Presidential election that occurred between first and twelfth grade – us kids got to vote, too. I should add that I wasn’t some kind of political savant, or even had
So when 2024 rolls around you can be sure I’ll vote. In what manner I will vote has yet to be determined. Will I stand in line with my neighbors? Will I sit at the dining room table with Terri and have a conversation about our choices? I’m not sure. But the day will most definitely start with a foamy cup of coffee. VOTE. It’s important. It’s a gift.
“Well an early start will get me to the front of the line at the polls. Wait, I already voted!” The realization calmed me again,
My cup already has the right amount of half and half. My sweetener has been added. We use the “baking” version of Splenda – because when you pour in the coffee it makes
so I headed to the couch with a foamy cup of coffee and some internet-news.
A Foamy Cup of Coffee
Did you vote? I sure hope that you had the chance to – Either at the polls or at
the dining room table with a foamy cup
of coffee, and a mail-in ballot. I’ve never voted by mail before. So this would be my first time. I enjoyed it. My wife, Terri, and I sat down together and had some discussion about candidates and proposals while we filled out our ballots. The relaxed setting made it seem more special somehow... kinda like a foamy cup of coffee.
an inkling of a notion about a particular party or candidate. I just liked to see if I could “guess” who the winners would be. But the seed had been planted about the importance and the gift of the process.
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