Page 10 - Scene Magazine 45-12 December 2020
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  A Fictional Story
By Raegan Gothard
Holiday Spirit
      Her shoes squeaked on the white linoleum floors as she strolled down the hall. Fluorescent lights shined overhead, causing her head to throb and her eyes to water. Everything around her gleamed, pristine and sanitized, as the ideal nursing home should be. Green and red decorations coated every bulletin board she passed, screaming holiday cheer. This is your last room to visit, Sadie reminded herself. The day was almost over, and then she could head home. After swallowing some medicine for her killer migraine, she planned to pass out and sleep for at least twelve hours. She glanced down at her clipboard, reading the name of the patient she was heading towards, and grinned.
Martin Samuels, the clipboard read, also known as sunshine personified. Never without a smile on his face, the seventy-year-old man was constantly cracking jokes and brightening everyone’s day. Over the last couple of months, Sadie had been visiting him as often as possible, regardless of whether her job
as a nurse required it. He reminded her
of her father, who had passed along with her mother in a car accident when Sadie was just a teenager. Martin’s family had become hers, something she was infinite- ly grateful for considering how sorely she was lacking in that department.
“Knock knock,” Sadie called as she approached the heavy wooden door, gapping slightly ajar.
“Is that my favorite nurse?” Martin
questioned in a playful tone. His voice was so weak Sadie had to strain to hear it.
“That depends,” she responded as she pushed open the door and headed inside. “I didn’t have time to grab you an extra candy cane from the lunchroom when I ran through, so my ranking might have dropped since I last checked.”
“Sadie,” he groaned from the bed in the center of the room, “How dare you? We both know they only hand those out the week before Christmas. I’ve got a limited number of opportunities here.”
“Martin!” Gina, also known as Mrs. Samuels, scolded from her seat next to her husband. “How many times do we have to tell you that you can only eat so much sugar? At our age, you can never be too careful.”
“Look what you’ve done now. You ratted me out to the food police herself. You’re definitely not my favorite anymore.” He struggled to sit up from his reclined position.
Sadie chuckled as she strode further into the room, although her heart tugged as she watched his efforts to perform what should’ve been a simple task. She met the eyes of their daughter, Alina, and found her own concern reflected back
at her. After helping Martin rise as he wanted, she pulled a chair over to the op- posite side of the man’s bed so she could sit down as well. Her mind wandered as Mr. and Mrs. Samuels continued to bicker back and forth. She recalled one of the
first occasions in which she had spent time outside of work with their family.
She approached the two-story sub- urban house with stuttering footsteps.
As she took in the white shutters on gray siding, she rubbed her hands together nervously. It had been years since she’d been in a house like this. A family setting, with everyone together just for the joy of each other’s company. After her parents passing, she’d been fairly alone, with no one to spend her time with aside from a few fleeting friends. She touched her fin- ger to the doorbell and the sound echoed in the silence.
The door whipped open, revealing a welcoming Mrs. Martin. “Well, what are you doing lurking out there in the rain? Come in, dinner’s almost ready,” she exclaimed. As Mrs. Samuels backed out of the way, Sadie entered what would soon become her home away from home. She was immediately introduced to their daughter, Alina. They became
fast friends, talking and laughing the night away. When Sadie finally left, her heart felt lighter than it had in years.
Martin’s raspy chuckle brought Sadie back to the present. “Alright old man,” she teased, “Let’s get this check-up start- ed.” She ran through the usual motions, stalling as long as possible to spend more time with the cheerful couple. She tried

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