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Executive Director, Haven of Rest Ministries
    well as addiction recovery services and several other programs addressing the needs of the homeless. We are a critical piece of this community’s social support network, and provide a host of basic service needs that save hundreds of lives every year.
As you can imagine, though, in 2020, we have also experienced our share of challenges.
This year, as you can well imagine, has tested the resilience of our organiza- tion like never before, and I am proud to say that the Haven rose to the challenge. Both of our homeless shelters (our Men’s shelter and the Inasmuch House family & children’s shelter) have been very busy, and our critically needed Men’s and Women’s Life Recovery Programs have continued without interruption, and actually expanded this year!
Also this year, our Women’s Life Recovery Program has now resumed hosting women and children in-house at the Emily Andrus residence on Northeast Capital. This program has expanded in dramatic ways, with an exceptional pro- gram of renovation of the building that was majority-funded by our great partners at Victory Life Church and the Battle Creek Community Foundation. Built for mothers and their children to experience
a recovery from substance abuse together, we feel that it is nothing short of amazing that in the midst of a pandemic, we can see new life springing forth.
Some of the Haven’s regular annual financial support is derived based upon the number of homeless residents in
our shelters. This year, to accommodate social distancing and protect the health of our guests and employees, we have had to purposefully “keep the numbers low” and divert some who were seeking shelter at the Haven into other spaces, thereby reducing the numbers we rely on for regular, sustainable funding. There isn’t much we can do to replace this
I continue to be truly humbled by the professionalism and dedication to service that I have seen exhibited by the Haven’s staff throughout this pandemic. The homeless are being ministered to, fed, and housed, their spirits are good, and the mission continues. Simply put, this is our calling, and to God be the Glory.
lost income, as all of our services to the homeless are provided free of charge. To continue to provide the service levels we do, we will likely be relying upon indi- vidual donors this year more than ever.
A Critical Piece of this Community’s Social Support Network
The Haven
of Rest provides Christ-centered, faith-based emer- gency homeless shelter services to the Calhoun Coun- ty / Battle Creek community, as
It sounds strange to say it, but this year in the midst of the pandemic, the Haven has seen a great deal of “new- ness” of life springing up. We have developed new partnerships with com- munity organizations – specifically with Grace Health – that help us get homeless residents tested for viruses. In addition, we have developed new protocols in maintaining not only the health of our residents, but in protecting the health of our shelter employees, who are on the front lines in the battle against COVID nearly as much as any other essential worker.
that God is calling to breathe life in to weary, dry souls. Maybe this year we have been allowed to feel hopeless and doubtful, so that we could speak life into those He brought us who were experi- encing the same things for themselves. We, as witness both to their stories and to the Story of the Gospel, could speak His life over them.
There is an active, rich history of Bib- lical precedent for this newness of life amongst the dry places. From Ezekiel, who was asked to speak new life in a valley of dry bones, we are the vehicles
Please consider sending a tax-deduct- ible gift to support our critically needed work with the homeless in the com- munity. Thank you for considering this support. God Bless you, and God Bless the Haven of Rest.
  Proudly Supporting Our Community
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