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  light aqua-blue that almost appeared grey in the light, and turned into a Caribbean sea under his Michigan State hat. The MSU hat fit just over the screws of the halo brace my little buddy wore. The brace was there to support his head because the muscles in his spine were too week to sup- port his big ol’ melon, and his brain stem had some bugs in it that were making his spine degenerate. Doctors, literally dozens of them, were arguing over the diagnosis for Ty. His tests showed he had muscular dystrophy, but doctors were fighting about that. He also seemed to have something called SMA, which affected the muscles in his spine – but doctors were fighting about that, too. All the doctors knew was that
Ty never talked about being sick, or frail, or in pain, or scared, or angry, or unhappy. Wait, I take that back, he was not happy at all with MSU’s football team (which I brought up every chance I had...
When I got the call from his mother that Ty had passed away from a simple fender bender car accident, my brain wouldn’t let me believe it. It was immedi- ate and painless – I took immense comfort in that. I took comfort in the fact that he never saw it coming, never had fear, and that he died with the steadfast enthusiasm that life could be amazing if you want-
ed it to be and worked hard enough to make it happen. In my conversation with his mother, she asked if I would attend
his Zoom funeral, and maybe say a few things. I leave you with my final words about Ty.
my new best friend had a fragile spine, and a heavy head, and that was a little too dangerous for him without a halo brace. But he rocked the halo brace – he said the screws made him look like a super hero. He was right.
The first thing I noticed about Tyler is that he hated being called Tyler, and he let me know it right away. “It’s Ty!” he said with a stern look. His eyes were piercing, a
his dad and run routes in the back yard. He told me that when he got older he was going to be an electrician like his dad, or
a nutritionalist (I’d always correct him and say “nutritionist”, but that little snot would mispronounce it on purpose). One day he asked about the picture on my desk of my father and my son. “Who are they?” he asked. “That’s my dad, and my son, Evan,” I responded. “Does your dad live here in Michigan?” Tyler asked. “Nope” I replied, “those two in that picture actually live in Heaven.” Whenever people ask about that picture and they hear about my son and dad passing, they almost always get uncomfortable. Not Ty. “Aw, he’s so lucky he get’s to be with his gramps all the time! My gramps died and I can’t see him!” And that, ladies and gentleman, is my best buddy in a nutshell.
until they beat Michigan). Ty accepted life for what it was, but planned on life getting better. He worked for it to be better; he demanded for it to get better. He demand- ed that I help him in every way I could to make it become better. And, gosh dang it, we were really making a difference.
My Tribute to Ty
“Ty’s gramps gets to be with Ty all the time now. He’s so lucky.”
God Bless you, little buddy.
   The only negative thing I can say about Ty was his choice of sports fan- dom. He loved anything MSU, and he worshipped his Chicago Bears. Every time he came into my office with his stu- pid bears hat on I told him it made him look wimpy. He told me the Lions were wimpy. I told him the Bears were dumb. He told me the Lions sucked... and then his mom would tell him we don’t use that word. She ruined a lot of good fights between us. My job was to feed Ty food that he would enjoy, that wouldn’t cause inflammation, and would help his mus- cles figure out how to be strong. I gave him fish once. Apparently the only thing Ty hated more than the Lions, was fish. And he reminded me of that every time he’d come see me, “NO FISH, LIKE THAT ONE TIME!”
 Funeral Home to Host Blanket Drive to Benefit The Haven Ministries
Richard A. Henry Funeral Home & Cremation Services will be hosting a “Blanket Drive” to benefit The Haven Ministries of Battle Creek. Every year during the holiday season, the funeral home partners with a nonprofit organization to help those individuals that are less fortunate within our community. “We love being able to help and give
back to the community we live in, said owners, Joe Stasa and Tom Coleman.
The funeral homes blanket drive will take place from November 30th though December 21st. We invite the community to stop by and drop off a new unwrapped blanket, or a monetary donation, envelopes available at the funeral home, located at 703 Capital
Ave SW, Battle Creek between the hours of Monday-Friday 9am-5pm,
or Saturdays between 9am-1pm. The funeral home staff will deliver
all the blankets collected to The Haven the week of Christmas.
Anyone with questions is welcome to call the Richard A. Henry Funeral Home & Cremation Services at 269-962-5191.
              Over the time I saw Ty, I’d always ask him how he was feeling. “I feel better than you look!” Every. Single. Time. He never complained, outside of fish. He would talk about how, one day, he was go- ing to actually be able to play catch with
          269-962-5191 • 703 Capital Ave., SW, Battle Creek •

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