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                                                                                                           ... Is US. When I was in my thirties I never seemed to have enough time for anything. And now that I have some time, and a little bit of patience – I have less time
All I want for Christmas...
“Excuse me,” you said. I apologized profusely and flashed a guilty smile. You can’t see my smile anymore because we need to wear masks. And now – we’re so concerned about being too close – that you may have simply skipped the aisle I was in completely. I miss us.
Estate sales. Antique malls. The joy of an US decision... “We have to buy it because it’s SO COOL!” My wife, Terri, and I have shopped together only once in the last eight months... I miss us.
When I was boy... US, was everywhere – neighbors, schoolyards, bus stops, dime stores, sleepovers, trips to the grocery store, and picnics with extended family. Nearly every place you went, every place you ended up at... there we were... US.
I think its fair to say that the “sweet spot,” the “memory holder” of Christmas is between 5 and 15... old enough to under- stand, and then young enough not to have a cynical notion of the world.
probably around 6am. My parents joined US kids sleepily – mostly because they went to bed around 4am. When the packages had been opened. When the crinkled paper had been pushed to the corners around the tree, that’s when we dressed for the trip to Grand Rapids. So we could celebrate with the rest of US.
 than I’ve ever had before. It’s a shame that all of US won’t be the last generation to think of it. When you get just a little bit older... well... US starts to get a little bit more important.
I want us for Christmas.
Do you know what I wrote about this time last year? Well, I forgot about US.
I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I wrote about how horrible 2019 was, to ME. Holy bananas. REALLY? REALLY? 2020 was better? NOPE. Sheesh, that’s what I get
for complaining. Lesson learned for sure. Always appreciate even the tiniest triumph. ALWAYS!
I want us for Christmas.
Do you remember that time at the gro- cery store when I had to apologize to you? Yeah, I was so intent on completing the grocery list that not only was I completely oblivious to everyone around me (including you), my shopping cart also blocked you from getting through the aisle.
I really would like to have all of US for Christmas again.
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I want us for Christmas.
My new Christmas outfit! “Grandma and Grandpa will think you look so handsome Ricky!” That’s my Mom talking. My Dad said, “Can all of US just stay home this year?” Aunts, uncles, cousins, great-grand- parents... All of US had such a magical day. Before going home... one last stop at Grand- ma Dora’s house. She was my caretaker during my preschool days. She was so dear to Mom and I. There was a box of choco- lates for Dora, and a box of cigars for her husband to deliver. Hugs, kisses, and tired goodbyes. It’s tearful remembering those days... those Christmas days with all of US.
It is during “those” years that I too, am so very fond of. Of course all those Christmas mornings started in the dark. Yep, before
the sun would fill the windows with light...
Wouldn’t it be great if what I asked for next year was to have another Christmas that was as great as this year’s? A Christmas conspired, or imagined, or created simply because we’d still like to remember... US!
And that’s all I want for Christmas.
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