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     just south of their new sign and along- side the Linear Path.
The committee members had never commissioned a bronze statue before so the learning curve was pretty steep and included raising funds. Fellow AAUW branch member and President and
CEO of the Battle Creek Community Foundation, Brenda Hunt, assisted with a Community Project Fund that aided in raising enough dollars to bring the vision to reality.
“Hope” was a bit tough to interview since she’s made of bronze and doesn’t talk, but hopefully she will communi- cate with all who stop to see her and ponder what she would say.
Her formal name is “What’s Next World?” and is a gift to KCC and the Battle Creek Community from AAUW Battle Creek Branch in celebration of their 100 years in the Battle Creek com- munity. American Association of Uni- versity Women (AAUW) is a national organization, which began in 1881 to advance equity for all women and girls, especially in the areas of education and pay equity.
KCC, and AAUW branch members in attendance will need to wait until Spring of 2021.
Committee member Sandy Rang- er suggested artist Paula Blincoe to create a bronze statue. After hours
of discussion, Paula suggested the sculpture now referred to as “Hope.” Paula grew up in the Battle Creek area, attended Harper Creek Schools and KCC. One other of her creations is a bas relief piece in the lobby of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.
Hope was unveiled at a small cele- bration in November on one of those beautiful 70+ degree days. She was formally given to KCC President Dr. Adrien Bennings who responded by saying, “It’s more than just a physical statue, it’s indicative of where we want to go. The AAUW is about equity for all girls and women.” Due to COVID 19 the college isn’t currently permitting public events so the dedication of Hope with the faculty, staff, and students of
The statue was the idea of the branch’s Centennial Legacy Committee. The committee met monthly from the fall of 2016 until COVID 19 caused
a change to the in-person meetings.
The committee was formed by former branch president, Pat Fosdick who chose Kay Calley-Martin and Kathy Shaw as co-chairs. The remaining com- mittee members, Jan Emery, June Sims, Mary Anne Charron, Sandy Ranger,
and the late Sue Day, volunteered to
The statue’s image is of a middle- school-age female, holding books in her right hand and extending her left hand holding a globe while looking over the college campus. From artist Paula Blincoe, “This vision of a young woman holding a model of the earth aloft came to me as a visual aid – all paths are possible and need to have thought and education to accomplish the journey.”
Did you know there’s a brand new bronze statue in Battle Creek? Her home is on the Kellogg Communi- ty College campus on their new North End Gateway park
commit their time and talent to make “What’s Next World?” a dream come true. The statue’s home is on KCC’s campus because former KCC President Mark O’Connell and KCC Foundation’s Executive Director (and AAUW mem- ber), Teresa Durham made the invita- tion. That invitation was unanimously accepted.
AAUW Presents “Hope”
In April the statue was ready in Dallas but couldn’t be transported to Michigan due to COVID 19. “She” made her way to KCC in July but the landscape wasn’t quite ready at the corner of North and Roosevelt avenues so the maintenance crew at KCC made sure she was safe and adopted her until she could take her place overlooking the campus.
T. R. Shaw Jr. Co-Founder / CEO / 269-209-5555 cell / Kathy Shaw Co-Founder / President / 269-209-9719 cell /
You’re invited to visit “Hope” at her new home at KCC and take time to ponder and reflect on the message and vision she portrays.

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