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BY REBECCA FLEURY Battle Creek City Manager
    way we imagined celebrating the end of 2020, but I hope you all will find meaningful ways to care for your- selves, and safely celebrate this season, maybe creating new traditions along the way.
Also know that we continue to pro- vide fire and police services, drinking water, wastewater treatment services, and public transit. Many of these services operate 24/7 to keep you and your family safe, and help your day- to-day run smoothly. I appreciate our team and their many skills.
During these holidays when we often give gifts to our loved ones,
I hope you will consider supporting our local businesses, and our local agencies that care for those in need in our community.
 While the Calhoun Coun-
ty COVID-19 case numbers remain high, we also are facing positive cases among our city team. To best help prevent the spread of the virus, and protect our staff and our visitors, our buildings all are closed to the public again during December, through the New Year holiday. We will continue to evaluate this situation month to month.
Consider supporting our local restaurants by purchasing gift cards, and ordering food by take-out or delivery. More restaurants are joining the lo- cally-developed EatsBC mobile app and; you can use this great service to order food from them.
Rest assured that your city con- tinues to operate, and provide the services you need. It may take a little longer, but our teams are working regular hours, and will continue to provide services by phone, via email, and online. You also can continue to use the payment drop box in the City
We are also welcoming five new commissioners this winter, led by Mayor Mark Behnke and Vice Mayor Kaytee Faris. New commissioners
are Kristin Blood, Boonikka Herring, Jenasia Morris, Carla Reynolds, and Kathy Szenda Wilson. Our City Com- mission is sworn in for the 2020-2022
The holiday lights are up and on, and I hope you will travel through downtown Bat- tle Creek to enjoy them. I hope you’ll also watch the Santa Claus’ Wonderful Winter Festi- val Variety Show – the com-
I want to wish happiest winter holidays to all our neighbors who celebrate, and a happy winter to those who do not. This is not the
Hall parking lot, and drop firearm registration into the drop box of the Police Department entryway.
term, and they are jumping right in to serve our community. Learn more and contact your commissioners at
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Happiest holidays, Battle Creek!
munity answer to our annual winter fest. You can find weekly episodes of this fun, interactive show on Access- Vision cable channels and online; we are also providing the videos on the city’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.
Happiest holidays Battle Creek!
      For a friend, or maybe a family member. psst... even for yourself!

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