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By: Andy Fletcher, Guardian Finance & Advocacy Services
I realize that not everyone’s idea of a good time ever involves the word “budget.” However, by spending an hour of your
time preparing a budget once a year, it
can set in motion a true understanding
of your finances.
I have been preparing budgets with clients for nearly eight years and invariably I notice that until I help create the budget, people don’t actually know how much
they spend. They may know their rent or mortgage payment and they may know how much they pay for car insurance but they certainly don’t know how much they spend on groceries and many other items. They don’t even know if saving is possible.
I will show you how to use a budget as
a tool to help accomplish your financial goals for the next one to three years.
Think of some things that you want to achieve financially during that time period. Maybe you want to save money to make some needed repairs on your home, to buy a new car, or plan a trip.
Budgeting is simply the first step in developing a plan of what you would like to set aside each month to reach each of your goals.
There are a lot of different budgets out there and I am not too concerned about what type you start with, as long as you
are certain that you capture all of your income (usually the easy part) and all of the spending (this is the harder part). I would advise that you have the last several bank and credit card statements with you as you go through this exercise.
Start with your income. This is going to give you the amount of money with which you have to work. Remember, a budget
is not what happens in any one particular month but rather what happens on average over a twelve-month period.
Write down the major categories
of where your money is spent. The
list I normally use is housing, utilities, household (food and personal items), automobile, payment plans, insurance
and miscellaneous. Your categories may be somewhat different but simply use these main categories to help you capture all
of your expenses.
On the expense side there are many categories that resemble a roller coaster. Take the category of automobile repairs. Say you spent $600 on repairs over the last year. The monthly average would be $50. No one is going to have twelve straight months of a single $50 repair bill. What you will find is that you have two to four repairs over the year that total $600. So remember that budgets fluctuate because spending fluctuates also.
After the first draft of the budget is complete, subtract the total of expenses from your total income. At this point, hopefully the remainder will be a positive number. Just say, for example, that your income is greater than your expenses by $400. Simply put, that means on average you should be saving $400 per month or $4,800 per year. Now ask yourself, “What goals do I want to accomplish?”
Going back to the examples I talked about earlier, you might decide that you want to put aside $200 towards repairs and also $200 per month for a new car.
The key is not to leave the money sitting in your main checking account. I have found that money that is easy to access is also easy to spend. A better plan is to move those funds earmarked for special saving purposes into separate accounts marked as such on a regular basis.
If your expenses are greater than
your income, you have a few choices.
If possible, try to earn more income.
Many seniors are choosing to either go back to work or to start a new venture
that they have always dreamed of. If this
is not an option, find a way to decrease your expenses. The simplest way is to reduce spending in categories you have some control over, such as eating out, cable TV or clothing. Ultimately, hard choices will have to be made and spending will have to be prioritized in order to free up some money to save for future planning.
Taking the time to prepare your budget is merely the first step in the planning process. It should help you be more aware of all of your spending, and show you how much you could potentially be saving each month. Once you are tracking your expenses carefully, you will find the motivation
to save for your goals.
Andy Fletcher can be reached at or (866) 344-0688 ext. 463. Additional information can be found at
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