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Anne Clark, Special to Senior Times
Senior Times - January 2016
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2015 is behind us and 2016 is now on all our calendars. The end of the year has brought so much loss and tragedy in our community. For many having a heavy heart at the beginning of the year, you might be asking how can we still make a difference? How can we really change or help those who are in such a difficult place in life?
For Family Caregivers the journey can be many different things and can take many different paths. Facing difficult questions happens regularly. How can I take care of my person while I’m still working? How can I hire someone to come into my home when my person doesn’t want any- one here? How can I respect the vow I took, “In sickness and in health,” when I don’t have the energy for myself? How can I ever afford to get the help I need when I don’t have
an abundance of money? How do I survive feeling the grief of loss every day from this disease? The list of questions goes on and on. And then you have those caregivers who are advocating so hard for their person to have the respect and dignity they deserve while having others involved in their care.
How do we make a difference for all those we serve – whether they are the person with the condition or the person who loves them so much but can make your life so difficult?
My previous employment comes
to mind often as years ago I had the pleasure of working with a credit card company who really believed in ser- vice. Everywhere you looked in their offices (even in the “water closets”) you would see the words, “Think of yourself as a customer.” This was
the company’s mission and friendly reminder to every single employee, guest and anybody who visited their locations to think about how they would want to be treated. I have used this motto in many different areas of my life and even change the words around to fit the scenario I might
be in. So with my current position I often say, “What if this was someone you love – I mean really loved?”
As this New Year begins I’m
challenging everyone to remember when you’re the person providing that care – whether it be for someone with a chronic condition or the person who is their advocate and loves them so – think about that person as someone you love. How would you want ‘Your Person’ to be treated? How would you want to be treated if you were that advocate who really just wants them treated with respect?
Another twist is – if you were a person who was trying to provide that care for someone, how would you want the family, advocate or even cli- ent to treat you? Life is so very busy for all of us that I think sometimes we forget the simple steps we can take to make someone’s journey more pleas- ant for everyone involved.
There are a million twists, turns and ways we can put ourselves on the receiving end of anything we do to make a situation better. It’s not always easy but I’m a firm believer that, “We are all in this journey together and we cannot do it alone. So how can we make it better for everyone one of us?”
May 2016 be a year that we, as a community, join together to make this journey better for all involved. Peace be with you. Bless each and every one of you that assists with the care of others (paid and unpaid), as the job is not an easy one.
Happy New Year to all!
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Help Wanted:
Friendship Center Coordinator, Clarence Township
Senior Services of Southwest Michigan is seeking to fill a part- time, Friendship Center Coordinator position to work at their Clarence Township site. This position will be responsible for set-up, serving, and clean up of lunchtime meals at a con- gregate senior meal site (Friendship Center). Our congregate sites also offer educational and/or recreational programs for our customers. Must be available to work during the hours of 10:30am-1pm, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This is the perfect job for someone looking to work only a few hours a week.
Hospitality experience preferred to provide exceptional service to our guests. Ability to perform simple math functions and gather data/ information and complete a variety
of documents accurately and on time. Strong customer service behaviors and an ability to work effectively with older adults who may have dimin- ished vision, hearing, mobility or other limitations. Must have the abil- ity to work well independently and as a part of a productive team.
Apply in person 12-2pm at
the Senior Services of Southwest Michigan office, Meals on Wheels Entrance, 200 W. Michigan Avenue, Battle Creek, MI; fax to: (269) 382- 3189; or email to: humanresources@ (no phone calls, please). To apply online, please
visit the Employment Opportunities section of their website at: www. Senior Services of Southwest Michigan offers a smoke-free, drug-free environment.

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