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Dr. Mark McCullough, Special to Senior Times
Senior Times - February 2016
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How many things have you slated to change or improve going into the 2015 season? January is a time to resolve what you lifted your glass for on New Year’s but today is the day to actually walk it out. And it can hap- pen! Get your Heart right with your Health and you will be on the right track for the years to come.
Mastering or optimizing your health-life balance is a task but not one that will exhaust your entire being. See, if you look at the health status of our community and beyond, it comes down to a common thread; people are not concerned about their health until they no longer have it. Heart disease is affecting 1 out of 2 people, cancer 1 out of 3, and diabe- tes is running rampant, which is not really just one disease. It is a compi- lation of dysfunctions that degener- ate your system, which putting into simple terms means it shortens your life.
To remedy these horrific diseases, we must begin by taking an inven- tory of how healthy you actually are. This is attained by questions that involve transparency and honesty so you can truly take your health to the next level. If you are not truthful, it is only hurting yourself. And, trust me when I say this, I used to be one that would look side-to-side compar- ing myself to others when it came to how healthy I was and you cannot do that because nobody has your life, your circumstances, and your story.
Questions would include knowing what you do with your time. Do you exercise? If so, how much and what kind? Do you eat meals at home? If so, how much? And what types of food do you eat and at what times? How are your relationships? With your spouse? Kids? Boss? What are some things that make you stressed
out? And what things de-stress you? These are just a few questions to take a personal inventory for you to take action steps for you to go to the next level.
There are no right or wrong answers to these questions because they are truths that only pertain to you. Most times when I have patients fill out food logs and lifestyle assess- ment questionnaires, they become guilty and don’t want to turn them into me for review. And that’s not whyIhaveyoudoit.Idoitforyou to have your blind spots exposed
so improvements can be made. We don’t improve if we don’t know what to improve. And I’m committed to making sure that you don’t take any- more of the same trips around the same mountain again and again and again... that is the true definition of insanity.
So, in a nutshell, this is the nugget to take away from this article...
The only one in charge of your diet, lifestyle and relationships
is you and the only one that can improve them is you. Being trans- parent with yourself and with those that love you is the priceless gift you can allow yourself.
And to help you begin this pro- cess, we have an incredible custom wellness and weight loss program powered by Nutrimost. I’ m also excited to introduce Amanda Martin who is the Director of Club Fit where she is currently doing Zumba classes in the gym in our own build- ing. And last but not least you have the McCullough Family Chiropractic Team to assist in any of your spine, shoulder, hip, or knee issues and health care challenges that you might have. To take action, call for an appointment at (269)
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~ To Serve in Health, Dr. Mark
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