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March Caregiver
Of The Month
Publisher’s Note: Senior Times would like to thank all caregivers for what they do for loved ones and we will recognize a caregiver each month in 2016. Eligible caregivers can work in a facility, provide professional in- home care or be a family caregiver.
To nominate your caregiver to be recognized by Senior Times send details to Sherii Sherban, Publisher, at or by mail at 4642 Capital Avenue SW, Battle Creek, MI, 49015. For a nomination form visit our website at More details can be found on page 22 of this issue.
Senior Times - March 2016
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“Bob has been such a great addi-
tion to the staff at NorthPointe Woods! Everywhere he goes people smile. This morning when I came in he was giving
a resident a hug. He is just a joy to have around. He stops and chats with residents and pays attention to what they are say- ing, which makes them feel special,”
said Lori Matthews, director of nursing, NorthPointe Woods.
Bob has worked in maintenance at NorthPointe Woods for about 2-1/2 years. Throughout his activities of the day Bob has the opportunity to interact with both residents and staff. Depending on the activities of the day he may see most of the residents, and in other cases, very few.
When asked if he thought of himself as a caregiver he was quick to respond with, “Yes.” After further thought he added, “I am there to help with whatever they might need. It could be a door check, fixing a TV, adjusting a walker, a smile, or answering a question.” More seriously,
Bob could actually be the link in the care that they may need in an emergency.
“It’s nice to know that I can make a difference in someone else’s life.” Bob
is sensitive to the care that others might need as he previously served as a caregiv- er for both his mother and his wife. “Life experience is a great teacher.”
His words of advice include, “Be patient and diligent. Residents might be going through a rough time adjusting to their new situation and changing care needs.”
When asked how he helps to bring joy he said, “I keep the conversations light and smile a lot. I might be only person they see that day so shouldn’t they see a smiling face?” I think I agree with Bob. A smile goes a long way.
Bob Dickert was nominated by Lori Matthews. He will receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers of thanks as well. Thank you Bob for all you do!

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