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Senior Times - March 2016
Aging and Disability Resource Line: 1-800-626-6719 General Agency Telephone: (269) 966-2450
200 West Michigan Avenue Suite 102, Battle Creek, MI 49017
My Medicare
By Karen Manney, Regional Coordinator, MMAP
The Region 3B Area Agency on Aging MMAP office is seek- ing people who like to solve puzzles, love a challenge, enjoy meeting and working with people, are familiar with com- puters and the Internet, and who have a sincere desire to help others understand their health benefits. Our Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program volunteers assist individuals over the phone, at sites throughout the area, and at special enrollment events.
Volunteer benefits counselors receive initial and ongoing train- ing in Medicare and Medicaid rules and regulations. They
are mentored and supported to help them remain current and feel confident in their work. Volunteers must be willing to commit to, and document, their volunteering for at least five hours per month (60 hours/year) in order to remain certified and continue in their role. Volunteers work mostly with Medicare- eligible older adults and adults over 18 with disabilities. You must be comfortable engaging with all people, regardless of age, race, socio-economic status, or metal/cognitive capacity.
The purpose of the training volunteers receive as a MMAP Team Member is to provide ser- vices free of charge to Medicare beneficiaries and is not to be used for personal monetary gain; because some of our clients are vulnerable to financial and other exploitation, MMAP, Inc. screens all applicants for MMAP team member positions. The Michigan State Police will conduct a crimi- nal background check as part
of MMAP’s standard screening process for all applicants; MMAP is not required to accept all appli- cants for placement in positions. Please note that the Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP) does not accept applications from insur- ance agents, insurance brokers, financial planners, or employees of health care providers. This assures that our counseling remains unbiased.
If you would like more information on volunteering
to become a certified benefits counselor, please contact Karen Manney, the MMAP Regional Coordinator for Region 3B, at (269) 441-0931.
Programs Can Help At-Risk
Local Seniors
By: Karen Manney, Program Coordinator MMAP/PATH
Kinship Korner
Calhoun County Kinship Care Services advocates for and provides supportive services to families rais- ing related children. If you are raising a related child (ages 0-18), you are eligible for Kinship Care Services through the Family Enrichment Center. Support groups, helpful workshops and trainings are available as well as inter-generational family activities. Please call (269) 660-0448 for more information.
Upcoming Events
• Join us monthly on the first
Tuesday of each month from 12:30-2:30pm for the Battle Creek Kinship Support Group. We meet in the All Purpose room at the Westlake Presbyterian Church. Our
• Support groups build on collective energy, creativity, and the talents of all group members. The next meeting is on March 1st. Consider visiting a support group. You won’t regret it!
• On Monday, March 14, from 6:30- 8:30pm, the Foster and Adopt Support Group will be given a training on “Understanding Your Legal Rights.”
• On Monday, March 21, Jane Wolf will discuss “Parenting the High Needs Child” at the Family Enrichment Center from 6:30- 8:30pm.
• The next “Saturday Parenting Series” training is scheduled for March 19, from 9am-12pm. The topic is “Gangs and Gang Related Activity.” Please call Susan at (269) 788-0923 or Beckie at (269) 788-0922 to register. Free child care is available on a limited basis for trainings only. Advanced regis- tration is required.
• We are interested in hearing your opinion on how we can better serve the Kinship community. Please give Beckie a call or e-mail her
at Your input will be appreciated.
We have the means to help provide necessities and enrichment activities for the children in your care. We also have the experience and knowledge to advocate for you and give advice on how to navigate through issues as they develop. Spread the word.
Region 3B Area Agency
on Aging has a Michigan Health Endowment Fund grant to help grow the availability of
Diabetes PATH (DPATH) Chronic Disease Self-Management workshops, and Matter of Balance (MOB) Fall Prevention Workshops through our area.
“A Matter of Balance” is an evidence-based fall prevention program to help reduce fall
risks. The free Matter of Balance program emphasizes practical strategies to manage falls. Participants meet weekly for eight weeks, and learn to view falls as controllable, set goals for increasing activity, make changes to reduce fall risks at home, and exercise to increase their strength and balance. Anyone concerned about falls or who has fallen in the past, who is interested in improving balance, flexibility and strength can benefit from this free class.
The Diabetes Personal
Actions toward Health (DPATH) program is a six week program. Participants meet in a highly interactive small group setting for two and a half hours each week. There, they learn and practice simple methods for taking control of their health, nutrition, simple exercises, communicating with health care providers, and managing their medications,
plus ways to handle the difficult emotions which can accompany
a chronic condition – like anger, fear and depression. Learning you are not alone in having these feelings about your diabetes can be very empowering!
Why should you care? Why are these programs important?
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that some 40 percent of seniors fall at
least once each year. What does that mean locally? Using 2010 Census data, Calhoun County had
20,109 persons age 65 or older, forty percent of that gives us an estimate of 8,043 local seniors likely to fall at least once this year. The majority of these 8,043 people will fall down when out of public sight, in their own homes. Fifty percent of seniors who fall will require assistance to get
back up. Seniors are hospitalized for fall-related injuries five
times more often than they
are for injuries from all other causes. Fractures from falls are
a leading cause of nursing home admissions.
According to www.michigan. gov/brfs, among older adults
in Michigan, 75% (2,868) of
all non-traumatic lower limb amputations were diabetes-related in 2010. Diabetes was shown to affect 10.5% of Michiganders in 2012. It is estimated that one- third of adults with diabetes are undiagnosed. If not managed, the disease leads to heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, eye damage, and foot amputations. Sixty percent of people with diabetes have one or more of these complications!
Clearly, in order to maintain independent living, seniors and their caregivers must actively engage in fall prevention and diabetes self-management strategies. No matter how old
you are, you can learn ways to help take control of your risk factors for both falls and diabetic complications. We encourage caregivers and family members to participate in the workshops, too.
If you would like more information on this exciting opportunity to help improve health in our community
and grow these programs by becoming a volunteer leader or
a host site for the workshops, please call Karen Manney at (269) 441-0931. If you would like to attend a local Diabetes PATH or Matter of Balance workshop, contact Senior Health Partners at (269) 441-0948.
Hastings Diabetes PATH class
Hastings Diabetes PATH class begins March 28, 1-3:30pm at Hastings City Bank, downtown. The series runs for 6 weeks in a row. It is FREE, and healthy
snacks will be provided. Persons interested in learning more about this evidence-based program should contact Karen Manney, DPATH leader, at (269) 441-0931.
Family Enrichment Center
415 S. 28th Street Battle Creek, MI 49015
Ph: (269) 660-0448
Fx: (269) 963-0160

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