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Happy Holidays!
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Christmas Service of Remembrance
By: Fred Bachman
Editorial comment: Some ceremo- nies need to be experienced firsthand. The Service of Remembrance is one such ceremony. It strikes a cord in each person with valuable help that the per- son is hoping for. We hope the service enlivens and refreshes individuals who attend.
The first birthday, the first anniver- sary, and the first Christmas season after the death of a spouse, child, parent, or special friend is a difficult hurdle to jump over. Some people just want to hide and not deal with the emo- tion; others want to try something new. There are special songs you sing at the holiday time, which remind you of your dearly departed and there are traditions that you have done for almost a life- time that seem too stressful and hard to handle the very first year.
Each of us has an individual period of time, which is personally unique
to our character to work through the depths of despair.
At this month of December, which typically means spending time with family and friends, we especially notice the first time we feel raw loneliness. From this time forward the empty chair around the table signifies a loss because they are not physically with us, they have died. They have gone from our sight but we still cherish their presence in our lives and want to remember their voice, their embrace, and their special attributes that made us love them. We all need to remember good times and the other times when they were seri- ously sick. Remembering is good for the inner self.
For whatever reason you have to fill the void created by a death this year, we would encourage you to attend
the Service of Remembrance event
at Bachman Hebble Funeral Service. There are familiar Christmas carols
we all try to sing. There are beautiful scenes depicting the four seasons of the
year where we name individuals whom you have loved and we have had their funerals. There are a few thoughtful prayers designed to sustain and uplift your spirits. There is a very special message, which is meant to help you embrace this time in your life.
People assemble at this ceremony because they lost in death someone very special. They attend as people rare and individual, and hurt with what death and separation can do to us as human beings.
Each year there are families that make it part of their holiday patterns
to attend our Service of Remembrance, because of how they felt afterward last year. The heaviness of the past few weeks and months seem to be lifted off your shoulders for a few moments in the space of the service.
By having this remembrance service we can’t change everything back to the way it use to be, but we can be there as you remember the good times, the good moments shared and the good feeling you have when you think about that special someone.
This year, our service of remember- ing, singing and participation will be on Saturday, December 3, at 2pm in the chapel of the Bachman Hebble Funeral Service at 223 North Bedford Road.
We really encourage you to attend and please invite your friends. This is a service that you need to “experi- ence” to know the full power of such a service.
We always ask attendees to RSVP
so we have enough programs. We also ask our visitors to help others during this time and bring in boxes of cereal or canned goods, which we can pass onto to needy families during the holiday.
Please call during normal business hours to mention how many family members are coming and who you are going to be remembering for this ser- vice at (269) 965-5145.
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Question: Do Members of Congress have to pay into Social Security?
Answer: Yes, they do. Members
of Congress, the President and Vice President, federal judges, and most political appointees, have paid taxes into the Social Security program since January 1984. They pay into the system just like everyone else, no matter how long they have been in office.
Christmas Blessings
To You and Yours
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