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Apartment from $529 - $560 per month:
FREE Utilities: Water, Sewer, Trash, Heat & Electricity
• AC Available
• Satellite TV Available
• Controlled Entrance
• Beautiful Wooded Setting
• Close to Shopping, Pharmacies
& Medical Services.
• Free Lunch Provided by
Senior Services 4 Days a Week.
• Pets Welcome (restrictions apply)
• Friendly Management & Maintenance Staff
• Beauty Salon with Affordable Prices
• On-Site Laundry Facilities
• 24-Hour Emergency Maintenance
• Library
• Postage, Copy & Fax Services
• Weekly Bingo & Other Activities
• Resident’s Lounge with Pool Table
• Battle Creek Transit Stop
Security deposit equal to one month’s rent Age & income restrictions apply
Your Best
Choice for
Beautifully renovated Apartment homes with Safety and convenience Features like:
• Emergency Pull Cords
• Bathroom Grab Bars
• Retractable Showerheads • Quality Window Treatments
231 Springview Dr. Battle Creek, MI 49037 (269) 968-9105
Near corner of Roosevelt & North Professionally Managed by KMG Prestige, Inc.
Technology has fundamentally changed many of the ways that we work, connect with friends and fam- ily and enjoy our free time. During the past few years, the phenomenon of social media has taken hold in
our country. Through websites such as Facebook and Twitter, people are able to find long-lost friends, keep
in touch with family members scat- tered across the country and find new friends with similar interests. Social media sites can be a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest tech- nology while keeping connected to the people you care most about.
Make the most of social media by being savvy and protecting your identity.
However, there are security risks that everyone engaging in social media should be aware of. This is especially true for seniors, who are often targeted by scam artists who think that seniors can’t understand technology, or who believe seniors have more assets to steal than other people. Identity theft, the crime of using personal information to access bank accounts and other important resources, has exploded in the past decade. Other times, people pretend- ing to be friendly online may suggest meeting up “in real life” in order to rob or physically harm a senior.
While social media can greatly enhance seniors’ lives, there are some safety precautions that should be kept in mind. Please consider using these tips to safely enjoy social media:
Be cautious about putting personal information on a social media site. Personal information can include your phone number, address, Social Security number or bank account information. Be cautious of sharing this information even with trusted family members, because it is pos- sible for someone to pose as a close relative in order to coax this informa- tion from you.
Be selective about who you “friend.” Sites such as Facebook give people the opportunity to “friend” other people. When you friend some- one, you can see each other’s activity.
While it’s useful to friend people you actually know, some scammers create fake profiles and seek to friend unsus- pecting people in order to get per- sonal information about them. You are under no obligation to friend anyone.
Assume that anything you post is public. While it is possible for you to make your account visible to only friends, it is possible for the people you share thoughts, photographs and information with to then share those things with other people. If you don’t want strangers to know something, don’t post it on social media.
Be careful when clicking on links. Many social media sites con- tain dozens of clickable links on
each page. Advertisers often pay for these links, and clicking on them will direct you to other websites – some of which may be disreputable. Use cau- tion when clicking on links on social media sites, just as you are cautious about clicking on links in emails.
Report any suspected abuse, scam or fraud. Each social media site has a policy on how to report abuse or attempted scams. Familiarize yourself with these policies and learn how to use them. If you come across questionable activity, make sure you report it to the social media site.
Come forward if you have been scammed. No one likes to admit that they made a mistake or that someone took advantage of them. However, identity theft and financial scams are serious crimes, and the people who commit them must be held account- able before they take advantage of another senior.
If you have been scammed, or
if your identity has been stolen, report it to the police. Reporting the crime is the first step toward undoing the damage done by identity thieves.
While identity theft and financial scams are real concerns, social media still has a lot to offer seniors. Many friendships thought to have been long-lost have been rekindled on social media sites, and social media can help you feel close to your fam- ily, even if they’ve moved thousands of miles away. Make the most of social media by being savvy and pro- tecting your identity.
Social Media
Friendship Center Locations:
Hastings COA Building:
(269) 948-4856 Mon-Fri 10 am-2pm
Nashville Masonic Temple:
(517) 852-9182 Mon-Fri 10:30am-1pm
Delton Faith United Methodist Church
(269) 623-5400 10:30am-1pm
Woodland Eagles Club:
(269) 367-4041
Mon, Wed & Fri 10:30am-1pm
• Home Delivered Meals. For homebound seniors that are unable to pre- pare meals, can receive delicious meals at home. Special diets available. • Senior Center Activities including line dancing, card making, beading,
cards, bingo, and many others.
• Senior Meal Choice Dining. Restaurant-based senior dining program. • Chore Service provides minor home repair for seniors.
There are many more activities and opportunities to volunteer your time and talents! Just Call Barry County Commission on Aging for more
320 West Woodlawn Avenue, Hastings, MI 49058
Phone: (269) 948-4856 | Fax: (269) 948-3336 E-Mail: |

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