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Senior Times - March 2017
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By: Kristi Angelo, Community Service Trooper, MSP
The Michigan State Police (MSP) Citizens’ Academy is an eight week program that gives citizens the oppor- tunity to become familiar with the mis- sion and operation of the MSP, under- stand the procedures troopers follow, increase their awareness of law enforce- ment’s role in the community, and get to know personnel from their local post.
During the eight weeks the partici- pants will get an introduction to MSP and their patrol and dispatch proce- dures. They will develop an understand- ing of use of force, criminal investiga- tions and the legal system. Also covered will be an introduction to first aid, personal safety, home safety, and traffic safety. Drug awareness will be covering current trends in the community to be able to recognize and report drug traf- ficking or how to navigate the systems of recovery resources.
MSP is looking for senior citizens who are interested in learning more about law enforcement and keeping themselves and family safe to join the Michigan State Police (MSP) Citizens’ Academy.
The mission of the Michigan State Police (MSP) Citizens’ Academy is to
foster better communication between citizens and police through educa- tion. Academy graduates will be well informed citizens who possess greater insight into police practices and ser- vices.
We hope graduates of the Citizens’ Academy will share this knowledge with other members of the community when opportunities arise. Everyone benefits from a better understanding of the role and function of law enforce- ment.
We are hosting the next academy for senior citizens to attend during business hours at CareWell Services SW, also know as the Area Agency on Aging in Battle Creek, MI. We will meet once
a week for eight weeks with approxi- mately 2 1⁄2 hours allotted for each lesson. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion of the acad- emy. Actual dates and times are yet to be determined.
The Citizens’ Academy will be offered during the months of April
and May, at the Carewell Services Southwest located in the Kool Center. Please contact Tpr. Kristi Angelo at (269) 420-8080 or email me at ange- if you are interested in attending the Citizens’ Academy.
900 Territorial Road W, Battle Creek, Michigan 49015 Call 269-968-0300 or
An apartment community for seniors 55 and older
(Between Capital Avenue and 20th Street)
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
AAUW Salutes
Women of Impact
By: Pat Fosdick
Geraldine Hoff Doyle or “Rosie the Riveter”
Geraldine Hoff was born in Inkster, Michigan, one of four children of an appliance storeowner. Geraldine and her siblings grew up in the store, since it took both parents to run the well- established business in the 1920’s. Then the Great Depression took hold and as the economy worsened, so did the Hoff’s appliance business until they eventually lost the business and their home.
Mr. Hoff heard that the University of Michigan was hiring an electrician and he applied for the job and fortu- nately got it, which meant moving the family to Ann Arbor. Living in a col- lege town was a great opportunity for Geraldine, who loved acting, art and music. She took cello lesson from an early age and she wrote poetry, which helped her cope after her father died from a lung disorder when she was just 10. “All of us children were grown up the next day,” she was later quoted.
Then came WWII and Geraldine’s good friend dropped out of school to enlist, as well as her sister, Virginia, joined the Women’s Marine Corps. This spurred Geraldine to “Get busy and do something.” Shortly after graduating from high school at age 17, she knew she couldn’t enlist right away so she took a factory job at the American Broach Company, where they stamped war products. Soon after
she started, a photographer toured
the factory and took some pictures of her at work. Geraldine was dressed in men’s coveralls and wore a bandanna on her head to keep her long hair out of the machinery. She posed as she was asked to do, then went back to operat- ing her machine never giving it another thought.
Soon after Geraldine found out that one of the women running a machine had injured her hand. That was enough to convince Geraldine, who still loved to play the cello, to quit before she hurt her hands in some way.
It was many years later, in 1984, after she had married a U of M dental student and they had moved to Lansing to set up practice and raise a fam-
ily, that she saw an issue of Modern Maturity Magazine, which featured
a picture of her in the “Rosie the Riveter” poster that was used during the war to urge women to go into fac- tories to replace the men who had gone to war.
Since the 1980’s, that image of Geraldine has been used to support many causes relating to women’s rights, but Geraldine was proudest that the U.S. Postal Service chose to put her strong, confident pose on a postage stamp honoring the sacrifices Americans made during World War II. Upon her death in 2010, she was praised for serving as a wartime inspiration.
879 E Michigan Ave, Marshall, MI 49068
Let us help you piece together the puzzle after sudden illness or injury.
Recover. Rejuvenate . Revitalize . Return Home .
Battle Creek’s assisted living choice for seniors, owned and operated by Cretsinger Care Homes, Ltd. Offering supported or full care for a fixed rate. Please contact Renee Kelly for information.
(269) 964-8292
Pennfield Premier Living
632 North Avenue Battle Creek MI 49017
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