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How Is Early Alzheimer’s
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Disease or MCI Diagnosed?
Your doctor may refer you to a neurol- ogist who will probably perform an exten- sive interview. The neurologist may also question someone close to you about any recent changes in your memory, behavior, and personality. Questions may also be asked about your medical history, medica- tions you take, and any history of stroke, head trauma, depression, alcohol abuse, or other possible neurological disorders. These things can all affect memory and may cause symptoms similar to MCI.
Your neurologist may also perform one or more of the following medical tests:
• Mini mental status examination – Your doctor may conduct other interviews and tests to assess your level of cogni- tive function. The tests may evaluate learning, attention, language, memory recall, and ability to reason.
• Neuroimaging – These may include
a magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI), a computerized tomography scan (CAT or SPECT), or a newer PET scan. Moreover, scans to look for specific Alzheimer’s changes, such as amyloid plaque, are becoming avail- able. Scans may allow your doctor to evaluate important areas and identify any abnormalities that may be present in your brain. Your doctor may repeat the scan at a later time for comparison purposes.
• Neuropsychological testing – An examination may be conducted in order to identify patterns of cogni- tive function. The tests will evaluate your memory, language, attention, and
problem-solving abilities. The results will be compared to those from people of similar age and education levels.
Additional tests – may be performed to rule out other causes for your condi- tion and to help obtain a better overall assessment.
It is extremely important to diagnose
Does Spiritual
MCI and Alzheimer’s at beginning stages because the treatments currently avail- able work best when an early diagnosis is made.
What Treatment is Available? Early treatment options include:
• Initiating Alzheimer’s prevention strategies
• Spiritual Fitness
We now know that how we live our lives can help decrease our chances of developing memory loss and possibly prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Medical findings have been published about the correlation between life-style changes and prevention of other diseases, such as can- cer and heart disease. The same premise holds true with respect to Alzheimer’s. Taking a proactive, integrative approach to preventing Alzheimer’s, MCI and Early Alzheimer’s disease is imperative. Take action today!
The Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation provided this infor- mation. They are dedicated to preventing Alzheimer’s disease by funding integrative medicine research and providing educa- tional training, outreach, and memory screening. For more information visit,
Fitness Matter?
Spiritual fitness is the combination of attributes of psychological well-being, such as contentment, socialization, and having a purpose or mission in life, combined with spiritual well-being, that includes service to others and the ongoing search for peace of mind. Spiritual fitness can contribute directly to your ability to maintain a high level of mental func-
tion as you age and may very well help you reduce your risk of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and even Alzheimer’s.
Having a sense of spirituality, regard- less of origin or religion, seems to make people happier. Volunteering, or service without thought of self-reward, can be
a very beneficial, life-affirming act. But also consider:
• Socialization or being with like-mind- ed people.
• Acceptance and forgiveness of your- self and others.
• Patience and allowing yourself to be in the moment.
• Compassion and empathy towards yourself and others.
• Purpose or meaning in life via self- discovery and building your legacy.
• Volunteering or service without thought of self-reward is a very benefi- cial, life-affirming act.
Modern research suggests that some of the most striking brain benefits of spiri- tual fitness include the potential:
• Reversal of amyloid plaque, which may increase risk of Alzheimer’s.
• Improvement in your genes via health- ier telomeres.
• Slowing of Alzheimer’s progression.
Finally, spiritual fitness can contribute to stress relief. Meditation reduces stress, which lowers cortisol and improves many other aspects of your mental function.
Of course, stress management has many other positive benefits as well, such as improved performance, heart function, reduced anxiety, less chronic pain, and even increased longevity.
Balancing your daily stress is a vital part of any Alzheimer’s prevention strat- egy. Studies have shown there is a high correlation between having high choles- terol, high blood pressure, and/or high cortisol and the onset of Alzheimer’s dis- ease. Stress has been shown to be a key factor in all of these conditions.
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