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One of the most common causes of aches, pains, and headaches that facili- tate an appointment in my office comes from something as simple as forward head posture. The weight placed on the neck for each inch forward movement increases by 10 pounds, and the pressure on muscles also goes up. It is as easy as getting your posture evaluated to aid in preventing all the maladies that are men- tioned below.
Bad forward head posture plays a major role in myofascial pain and chron- ic fatigue syndromes, fibromyalgia, tem- poromandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, and other shoulder, neck, and jaw pain. A 1986 Spine Journal article noted that too much pressure placed on the neck because of altered back posture flattens the cervical spine’s normal curvature, straining the neck ligaments, joints, and bones and hastening their deterioration en route to neck arthritis or degenerative joint and disk disease.
The 1994 American Journal of Pain Management said that functioning and posture are tied together. Chronic pain sufferers battling low back pain, stress- induced disorders, and neck-related
headaches often display poor posture.
Bodily functions like hormone pro- duction and breathing are regulated by posture, but the greatest hit by poor posture are lung capacity, blood pressure, spine pain, moods, head- aches, and pulse.
Forward head posture can lead to impaired breathing. The chest becomes sunken and starts constricting the lungs. Think of it as the body slowly undergo- ing strangulation because of insufficient oxygen. Deterioration of body functions is simply the beginning, as other compli- cations like anxiety attacks can also take place.
Incorrect breathing upsets normal body function and chemistry. Blood oxygen and carbon dioxide levels start fluctuating under the stressful condition. Many of the organ systems are likewise affected, manifesting in panic, stress, and anxiety episodes.
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it may be time to get your posture evaluated.
If you have any questions about how to begin your plan to HEALTH, don’t hesitate to call (269) 964-3300. The team at Radiant Healthcare looks forward to assisting you in your health-care needs.
Dr. Mark McCullough, Special to Senior Times
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NorthPointe Woods Names
Monte Executive Director
Woods has named Ron Monte as execu- tive director to head up this senior living community, which offers independent living and assisted living in Battle Creek.
Monte has more than 30 years of experience in hotel
management with Interstate Hotels and Resorts, managing new and distressed hotel properties in 10 states. In the last five years, he has applied that experience and knowledge to executive positions in senior living. An area native, NorthPointe Woods’ new executive director was
born, raised and educated in Southwest Michigan, earning a B.S. in hospitality management from Michigan State.
“It’s good to be home and work- ing with a great team in an exceptional retirement community,” says Monte. “The NorthPointe Woods board of directors and I are focused on innova- tion – expanding and strengthening our services, educating our workforce, and finding newer and better ways to do
things – from memory care to day-to-day operations.”
Monte is also, “Committed to being
a good neighbor.” He explains, “At NorthPointe Woods, we believe in com- munity outreach and stewardship. We want to be involved and collaborate with the community to make Battle Creek, our home, an even greater place to live and work.”
NorthPointe Woods’ reach extends beyond the city to the county as well.
It is the only retirement community in Calhoun County able to offer residents both independent living and assisted living and if needed, the availability of skilled nursing, memory care and reha- bilitation services on one campus through the Trilogy-owned Oaks facility.
For senior and families interested in learning more about NorthPointe Woods, the public may call (269) 964-7625 or go to schedule a visit. It is located at 700 North Avenue in Battle Creek. The independent living and assisted living community is managed by a nationwide leader in senior living, Life Care Services.
Timing counts when it comes to your social security benefit
Social Security can be one of your most valuable retirement assets. The decision of when you start taking your benefit impacts how much you’ll receive.
Call or visit today, and learn how your decision impacts your overall retirement income strategy.
Final decisions about Social Security filing strategies always rest with you and should always be based on your specific needs and health considerations. For more information, visit the Social Security Administration website at
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