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During Holidays, Be Extra Vigilant
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About Protecting Financial Data
By: Brent Fast, Edward Jones Financial Advisor
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To help achieve your long-term goals, such as a comfortable retirement, you should save and invest regularly. But that’s only part of the picture. You also need to protect your financial assets in various ways. One such method is guard- ing your personal information – especial- ly any information that could be linked to your financial accounts. It’s obviously important to be vigilant at any time, but you need to be even more on your toes during the holiday season, when fraud- sters are particularly active.
So, to help keep your important data under wraps during the holidays, con- sider these suggestions:
Extend your protection to all mobile devices. Identity thieves can now compromise your mobile devices by installing spyware that steals usernames, passwords, and credit card information. Fortunately, you can fight back. By doing a little research online, you can find the best mobile security software for your needs.
Use multiple passwords. Online security specialists recommend that you use different passwords for each new online shopping site you visit during the holiday season. Although this might seem like a hassle, it can be helpful, because even if identity thieves were to grab one of your new passwords, they still couldn’t use it for other sites you may visit. And you can even find a free online program that can help you keep track of all your passwords.
Be suspicious of “huge savings.” It happens every holiday season – identity thieves develop fake sites with attractive graphics and stunningly low prices on a variety of items, especially digital devic- es. If you fall for these pitches, you won’t
Va Aid and
get any merchandise, but you might get a handful of headaches once the bad guys have your credit card number and other personal information. To prevent this, be wary of any deal that sounds too good to be true, and do some digging on the web- sites that offer these mega-savings.
Watch for fake shipping notices.
During the holidays, when you may do a lot of online shopping, you will probably receive some legitimate shipping notices. But the bad guys have gotten pretty good at generating fake notices designed to resemble those from UPS, FedEx and even the U.S. Postal Service. If you were to click on the link provided by one of these bogus notices, you could either take on some malware or get taken to a “phishing” website created by the ship- ping notice forgers. Your best defense is to only shop with legitimate merchants and only use the tracking numbers given to you in the email you received immedi- ately after making your purchases.
Keep your Social Security number to yourself. As a general rule, don’t give out your Social Security number online – to anyone. No legitimate retailer needs this number.
Finally, be aware that not all attempts at stealing your personal information will come online. When you’re out shopping at old-fashioned, brick-and-mortar stores, consider bringing just one credit card with you – and protect that card from prying eyes.
By following these precautions, you should be able to greatly reduce the risk of being victimized by identity thieves and other miscreants. And the more com- fortable you are in doing your holiday shopping, the more you can enjoy the season.
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Thomas J. Unger, ACSW Patricia D. Slayton, RN, MSN
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Now offering the VA Choice Program
 Dementia Capable Care
 Aide & Companion Service
 Medication Set-Up Supervision
 Housekeeping
 Transportation  Nursing Services
 All Employees Screened & Bonded
60+ Years of Qualified Experience
Friendship Center Locations:
Hastings COA Building:
(269) 948-4856 Mon-Fri 10 am-2pm
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Mon, Wed & Fri 10:30am-1pm
• Home Delivered Meals. For homebound seniors that are unable to pre- pare meals, can receive delicious meals at home. Special diets available. • Senior Center Activities including line dancing, card making, beading,
cards, bingo, and many others.
• Senior Meal Choice Dining. Restaurant-based senior dining program. • Chore Service provides minor home repair for seniors.
There are many more activities and opportunities to volunteer your time and talents! Just Call Barry County Commission on Aging for more information.
320 West Woodlawn Avenue, Hastings, MI 49058 Phone: (269) 948-4856 | Fax: (269) 948-3336 E-Mail: |
Attendance Pension
This benefit pays for home care, assisted living and adult foster care expenses, where traditionally, people would have to go into a nursing home to have the government (Medicaid) help pay for their care. This benefit is a great alternative to Medicaid or even long- term-care insurance (for those who are not insurable). Every Veteran out there who is eligible for this benefit earned
it by serving our country and should be lining up to be sure that they benefit from that service.
Aid and Attendance (A&A) is a special pension offered by the VA, which provides benefits for Veterans and their spouses who require the reg- ular attendance of another person to assist in their activities of daily living.
There are four criteria to be met in order to apply for A&A; military ser- vice, medical need, assets, and income.
There are many places to turn if
you believe that you or loved on might qualify for this benefit. Information
can be obtained by calling the Veterans Administration at 1-800- 827-1000 or the Calhoun County Veterans’ Affairs office at (269) 969-6735. An Elder Law Attorney may be able to help you as well.
Many assisted living facilities will work with you if they know the resident qualifies for A&A. Fortunately, all ben- efits are retro-dated back to the original filing date, so be sure to ask if this option is available.

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