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Forks Senior Center; Where Seniors Come to Play
By: Luann Sommers
As the director of the Forks Senior Center in Albion, I have had the honor and privilege
of working with some of the greatest group of caring and dedicated older adults I have ever known. The Forks Senior Center, which was established twelve years ago, has grown into the best senior center in Calhoun County in my opinion.
Forks offers access to programs and services available throughout the area, as well as free counseling for Medicare and Medicaid issues. We take trips
to locations like Shipshewana, Meijer Gardens and Jiffy Mix
in Chelsea. There are exercise
classes and a full fitness center of equipment. We play Euchre, Bingo, Bridge, Ping Pong, and Bunco. The Bunco ladies even have a cow bell, I am sorry to say, but they have a great deal of fun. Other activities include pot lucks, Breakfast Club, Cooking Club, Sit and Stitch, Lunch and Learns, a painting class, and adult coloring and conversation. There is something here for everyone!
Forks is a membership organization and membership cost is $75 per year. There are reduced memberships for those who meet the income guideline. Forks is open Monday through
Thursday from 8am-5pm and open on Friday from 8am to noon. Anyone 60 years of age or older is welcome to come visit the center and be our guest for THREE FREE visits. You may call the center at (517) 629-3842 or visit our website at for more information. Even better you are welcome to drop in to visit us and meet our members. We love showing the center to new folks stopping by.
If you are looking to have some fun, get out and hang out with other older adults come visit us at the Forks Senior Center.
event on Thursday, November 16, 1:30pm.
Euchre is Wednesday at 10am and Bingo is Tuesdays at 1pm.
Check out our activity calendar; Heritage Commons has something for everyone! Please note that Matter of Balance classes will be offered again after the holiday season.
To learn more about membership, please call (269) 558-6150.
• Personal Emergency Response systems (PERS)
• Nursing facility transition services
For information on MI Choice Waiver or to explore what services may be needed for you or a loved one, call CareWell Services at 1-800-626-6719. Call us, we’re here to help!
MI Choice Waiver is a statewide program funded by the MDHHS. MDHHS receives a royalty-free, non-exclusive and irrevocable license to reproduce, publish and use this material.
Senior Times - November 2017
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More People Now Qualify
By: Mary Peterson
for the Medigap Subsidy!
I know you’re thinking care-
By Karen Manney, Regional
giving is a hard demanding job,
Coordinator, MMAP
now you want me to think of getting a pet?
Pet therapy (also called animal-assisted therapy) for your loved one, whether frail, shut in, disabled, or people with Alzheimer’s or other kinds of dementia, has received increased attention lately. But, does this really help? Even though not everyone is a lover of animals, the answer in one word is: Yes! Whether it’s a dog, a bird, a cat, or even a fish aquarium, the benefits of having a pet for any person is valuable.
Research supports that own- ing a pet improves a person’s health and well-being. A few more advantages are: improved mood, calming effect, less anxiety and agitation, reduces irritability and depression, and helps with loneliness.
Because of their friendli- ness and non-threatening way, pets can help a person be more interactive when sometimes they are not able to engage in social events or settings with other adults. Increased activity could promote a positive health change in not only the loved one, but caregiver as well.
You may even see an improved appetite, which could lead to increased nutrition. By their very nature, pets do not judge, and they are not critical; they simply provide companionship, and unconditional love. A little bit of added laughter, love and smiles makes everyone’s day a bit brighter. Hhmm . . . thought of a good name?
Heritage Happenings
By: Cathleen Knoll
We are fortunate to have four experts from Oaklawn Hospital for free Lunch and Learns! Free Wednesday Lunch and Learns are a member benefit. If you are not a member, the cost is $5 to cover your lunch.
Lunch and Learns for November are:
• November 1: Aqua Therapy - Jessica Fountain, Physical Therapy Assistant
• November 15: Plastic Surgery – Dr. Sumita Saha, Plastics and
MI Choice Waiver
By: Stacy Wines
The MI Choice Waiver Program provides in-home services for low-income, Medicaid eligible adults whose care needs would otherwise require nursing home care. Eligible adults meeting income and asset criteria can receive Medicaid-covered services like those provided in nursing homes, but they can remain in their own home, the home of a caregiver, or other residential setting,
like an adult foster care or assisted living facility. Services are provided without costs to participants; yes, this means services are FREE!
Reconstructive Surgeon
• November 22: Voice of the
Consumer – Brittany Weaver,
Quality Improvement Advocate • November 29: Occupational
Therapy and Arthritis – Jen Wendt, OT and Clinical Manager
Also in November, Dark Horse Commons is back by popular demand. This time they will provide a variety of delicious breads and coffee for a tasting
When working with one of our nurse and social worker teams, you will develop a person-centered, individualized plan for your care. This includes a mix of services appropriate to your needs and preferences, such as:
• Community living supports
• Home medical equipment
• Respite and adult day services • Residential services
• Home delivered meals
• Non-medical transportation
• Counseling
• Homemaker, personal care
and chore services
• Home modifications

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