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RRTP unit, which serves Veterans with a variety of mental health, substance use and psychosocial stressors. Ext. 30085
The Employee Wellness Program is a holistic program offering various events and assistance in all wellness aspects – physical, emotional, and psychological. Ext. 33926
No appointment flu shot clinics available during the fall at all locations.
The Former Prisoner of War Advocate assists FPOWs with questions and concerns on related disability claims. Ext. 35184
Home Based Primary Care is an interdisciplinary primary home care. Ext. 35303
The central goal of the Homeless Continuum of Care is to end homelessness among Veterans through outreach efforts and community partnerships. Ext. 31648
For those in the process of pre-employment or pre-rotation within the Battle Creek Health Care Delivery System, Human Resources can find the information needed to speed up the process, Ext. 35239
The inpatient medical unit admits patients for substance abuse detoxification, medical care, and accepts palliative care Veterans. Ext. 35353
A team of psychiatrists, psychologists, pri- mary care providers, social workers, nursing, and peer staff partner with Veterans on their recovery journey with inpatient mental health. Ext. 33056
The Rehabilitation Services program provides kinesiotherapy care to Veterans with a wide variety of functional impairments. Ext. 33926
Laboratory and pathology services
provide blood drawing and a broad range of clinical laboratory testing on a variety of specimens. Ext. 31264
This program allows Veterans to
live in a home environment with a
state of Michigan licensed foster home. (269) 223-5635 or Ext. 35635
Overnight lodging. Ext. 32584
Medical Social Work/Non-VA Care
assists Veterans and their caregivers in many ways, with the primary aim of providing support to Veterans aging in place at home. Ext. 31644
The Mental Health Intensive Case Management team meets with Veterans in the community, provides medication monitoring, crisis intervention and resolution, and develops linkages to community resources. Ext. 30054
Mental Health Service provides patient-centered care to our Veterans that is inclusive, respectful, caring and focused on quality and safety. Ext. 35346
MOVE is a national weight management program. (269) 223-5499
My HealtheVet is a web-based application. Ext. 30604
The Neuropsychology Assessment Clinic provides specialized assessment of thinking, memory, mood, personality, and other cognitive abilities. Ext. 31155
The Nursing Escort Section provides a Nursing Assistant to escort inpatients to clinic appointments as requested. Ext. 33810
Nutrition and Food Service provides comprehensive nutrition care to Veterans and their families through a broad range of programs and services utilizing evidenced based nutrition care. Ext. 35381
Staff provide comprehensive nutrition counseling care to Veterans and promote healthy lifestyles and disease management and prevention through diet. Ext. 35381
The Occupational Therapy Program at the Battle Creek VAMC and Wyoming
HCC provides assessments including basic independent living training and home management. Ext. 35301
They provide comprehensive, non- surgical, optometry services to Veterans consistent with the current and nationally accepted standards of eye care professionals. Ext. 32381/32728
General Outpatient Mental Health Clinics provide Veterans access to mental health treatment throughout western Michigan. Ext. 53843
Chronic Pain Management involves healthcare providers from various disciplines working together to provide the knowledge and skills to manage chronic pain. Ext. 30561
Patient Aligned Care Team represents a partnership between you, your health care providers, and your family and caregivers.
The PAVE Clinic provides a preventative assessment for eligible Veterans who are at risk for limb loss or are at risk for further limb loss. Ext. 35301
Process onsite prescriptions. Ext. 1 for Pharmacy.
The goal of Physical Therapy is to improve walking and restore physical function after injury, illness, or surgery. Ext. 35301
The Prosthetic and Sensory Aid Service includes things such as prosthetic service, orthotic services, sensory aids, and medical equipment. Ext. 33898
Psychologists are involved in clinics and programs throughout the medical center. (269) 223-5150
The Psychosocial RRTP is a 40 bed- unit, which serves Veterans with a variety of mental health, substance use and psychosocial stressors. Ext. 30085
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Calhoun County Medical Care Facility
Short-Term Therapy
Short term therapy is used to transition individuals home by providing on-site physical, occupational & speech therapies.
Therapists work with residents to help them restore their mobility & function, manage pain, and achieve outcomes.
Our goal is to increase independence with daily tasks & to make sure residents recover quickly before returning home.
Marian E. Burch Adult Day Care Center
Restorative Exercise
Restorative exercise is a part of the activities at the adult day care center.
Restorative exercise includes riding the NuStep bike, using the pulleys, and walking on parallel bars.
Maintaining joint functions through simple movements is an important part of a daily routine.
1150 E. Michigan Avenue, Battle Creek, MI 49014 (269)962-5458or(269)962-1750

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