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Senior Times - November 2017
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• Upset stomach
• Erratic mood
• Short temper
• Memory Loss
How can you know if you are
experiencing too much stress? It is hard to say exactly what symptoms you will feel from stress, because each person
will feel their stress in a different way. However, as you age, the signs of stress might be different than you are used to,
so you may need to adjust your idea
of how much is too much stress. The
body also takes more time to reset after
a stressful event or period of time, as the systems in place that tell the brain to do
so are worn out. This can cause longer healing time, especially because your immune system is already lowered by advanced age.
Below find ways to manage stress and express it in safe ways.
Stay connected. Isolation is a common cause of stress. Whether it be due to death or illness, or a life change such as moving away, losing those around you is tough to deal with. Keeping in contact with others and forming a social support system can
be crucial to helping you feel good.
• Keep in touch with family members
and friends.
• Join a group activity that you enjoy.
• Volunteer to teach someone a skill
you are good at.
It is important to remember that you
must take the initiative to keep in contact with the world around you. While others may help and be concerned, it is up to you to make sure you have enough social interaction that you feel confident and linked to your surroundings.
Be active. Exercise is important for everyone, but it can become especially
important as we age. Any amount of exercise that you do releases substances
in your brain called endorphins, which help to elevate your mood. Although it is important for everyone to stay active, make sure to talk to your doctor before starting any exercise routine.
• Staying active is important for your overall health, as well as managing stress.
• Any activity helps! Start slow and work you way up to whatever you can do.
• Walk outside for extra sunshine and
a change of scenery.
• Incorporate social activities into
your exercise to make it fun. Join
a class or group.
Eat well. Along with exercise,
eating well can help you feel good and better equipped to manage stress. A healthy and balanced diet includes different colored fruits and vegetables, lean meat, and fish. It is important to
get all your vitamins and minerals. Vitamins B6, B12, D, and folate are recommended. Your doctor or pharmacist can help you pick a good vitamin that
fits your needs. Reducing sodium intake can be valuable as well. Limit alcohol intake, especially if sleep is becoming more difficult and stop smoking. Alternative Therapies
• Meditation
• Deep Breathing • Hypnosis
• Massage
• Acupuncture
• Prayer
Get enough sleep. Sleep problems are a common side effect of stress. It can be difficult to fall asleep when your mind is wandering to all of the things making you stressed throughout the day. As you
age, the body requires about the same amount of sleep, but the quality of the sleep may be worse. Sleep may feel choppier, or more interrupted, as you get older. Sleeping too much may also be a sign of depression or inability to cope with stress in a healthy way.
Consider some changes to your routine
if sleep is starting to become more difficult. Do not nap during the day. Do not exercise or eat a big meal close to bedtime. Keep your room at a comfortable temperature. Avoid caffeine or stimulants later in the day as well as alcohol and nicotine.
Consult your doctor. Bottling your feelings up can add even more stress when you are already feeling overwhelmed. Try writing out what is stressing you and keep
a log. This has an added benefit of tracking what makes you stressed, so that you can pinpoint what causes these feelings in your life. After writing it out, you may feel better able to find a solution, even if it is only a short term one.
• Write down what you are stressed about as it is happening.
• Talk to your family, friends or a healthcare professional if you feel overwhelmed.
• The national Suicide prevention hotline is available 24 hours a day if you feel like you are in a crisis – 1-800-TALK (1-800-8255).
Balance Rewards for healthy choicesTM Walgreens’ Balance Rewards for healthy choicesTM program is just one tool to help you make healthy choices by rewarding you for tracking your blood pressure, exercise, weight, sleep and more.
Hastings Woodland
Union City
Albion Battle Creek Battle Creek Battle Creek Marshall Tekonsha
Jackson Michigan Center Spring Arbor
COA Building Eagles Club
Mary Cook Kristy Estep
(269) 948-4856 M-F (269) 367-4041 M,W,F
10am-2pm 10:30am-1pm
Faith United Methodist
Angela Soya
(269) 579-3918
Main St. Banqets
Jenny Burlison
(517) 213-9212
Meals provided by Barry County Commission on Aging. A program sponsored by Barry County United Way.
Branch County CAA Office
Tamara Wittbrodt
(517) 278-8249
Lunch Served at 12pm
Union City Fire Station Rusty Hampton (517) 741-7212 M,T,TH,F 10:30am-12pm
Lunch served at 12pm
Meals provided by Community Action Food and Nutritional Services. Funding sources AAA 3C, Branch County United Way, USDA and private donations.
Albion Senior Dining Center
Cynthia Rose
(866) 200-8877 ext 350
Lunch served at 12pm
Clarence Dining Center
Cherryhill Manor Senior Center Springview Towers Dining Center Northside Senior Dining Center Heritage Commons
Tekonsha Community Hall
Sharon Rice Constance Siegel Caroline Oberlin Deboraha Sallee
Senior Health Partners
(866) 200-8877 (866) 200-8877 (866) 200-8877 (866) 200-8877 (269) 558-6150
(866) 200-8877
ext 350 ext 350 ext 350 ext 350
ext 350
M,T,W M,W,F M,W,F T,W,Th T, Th
10:30am-1pm 10:30am-1pm 10:30am-1pm 10:30am-1pm 12-1pm
Lunch served at 11:45am Lunch served at 11:30am Lunch served at 11:30am Lunch served at 11:30am Can have a hot or cold meal Whole Person Wellness too
Park Forest
St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church
Spring Arbor Senior Center
To have your senior dining center added, Call Sherii at (269) 979-1412 ext. 302 or Email:
Battle Creek
Bedford Manor Dining Center
Burdell Wells
(866) 200-8877 ext 350
Lunch served at 11:30am
Battle Creek
Lakeview 900 Dining Center
Karl Hoard
(866) 200-8877 ext 350
Lunch served at 11:30am
Battle Creek
Westbrook Place Dining Center
Michelle Dove
(866) 200-8877 ext 350
Lunch served at 11:30am
Homer Presbyterian Church
Senior Health Partners
(866) 200-8877 ext 350
Whole Person Wellness too
Marshall House Dining Center
Bablynn Squires
(866) 200-8877 ext 350
Lunch served at 12pm
Meals provided by Senior Services. Funding by Calhoun County Senior Services, AAA 3B, USDA and private donations.
Crouch Senior Center
Michelle Rose
(517) 788-4364
Lunch served at 12pm
Lynn Walker Nikki Soli Bev Greene
(517) 787-9750 (517) 764-2950 (517) 750-1010
M,T,W,Th,F M,W,F M,T,W,Th,F
10am-1pm 10am-2pm 8:30am-2:30pm
Lunch served at 12pm Lunch served at 12pm Lunch served at 12pm
Martin Luther King Center
Rita Wallace
(517) 782-7755
Lunch served at 12pm
Norvell/Township Hall
Gail Jamieson
(517) 536-4370
Lunch served at 12pm

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