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Senior Times - February 2018
Aging and Disability Resource Line: 1-800-626-6719 General Agency Telephone: (269) 966-2450
200 West Michigan Avenue Suite 102 Battle Creek, MI 49017
Kinship Korner
Family Enrichment Center
415 S. 28th Street Battle Creek, MI 49015
Beckie Brinks, Kinship Coordinator Email:
Ph: (269) 660-0448
Fx: (269) 963-0160
Calhoun County Kinship Care Services advocates for and provides supportive services to families rais- ing related children. If you are rais- ing a related child (ages 0-18 years), you may be eligible for Kinship
Care Services through the Family Enrichment Center. Kinship Care Services offers support groups, inter- generational family activities, helpful classes, and specialized training sessions.
Do Yourself a Favor by Attending One of Our Support Groups!
• Join us monthly on the first Tuesday of each month from 12:30-2:30pm for the Battle Creek Kinship Support Group. We meet in the All Purpose room at the Westlake Presbyterian Church. Support groups nurture relation- ships, decrease isolation and pro- vide a safe place to vent. Support groups build on collective energy, creativity, and the talents of all group members. The next meeting is: February 6, 2018.
• Monday, February 19, 2018, 6:30- 8:30pm our Parenting the High Needs Child Support Group meets. Those caring for children with Reactive Attachment Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, or other social issues that are often misunderstood by others. It is also confusing to understand these behavioral issues and the strate- gies to help the high needs child. Facilitated by Jane Wolf, an adop- tive parent, social worker that contracts with the state to provide PRIDE Train the Trainer sessions. Childcare is available. Must RSVP to (269) 660-0448.
• Our Brown Bag Lunch is scheduled for February 8, 2018, from 12-1pm, at the Family Enrichment Center as well.
• We also provide respite for our Kinship families when it all becomes too much to handle! We are interested in hearing your
opinion on how we can better serve the Kinship community. Please
give Beckie a call or e-mail her at Your input will be appreciated!
We have the means to help provide necessities and enrichment activities for the children in your care. We also have the experience and knowledge to advocate for you and give advice on how to navigate through issues as they develop. Spread the word!
My Medicare Matters - New to Medicare? Call MMAP!
By Karen Manney, Regional Coordinator, MMAP
The Medicare Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP)
is a State Health Insurance Information and Assistance Program (SHIP). MMAP is avail- able to assist eligible persons turning 65 with understanding their Medicare options. We can assist with reviewing Prescription Part D or Medicare Advantage plans, as well as providing infor- mation on Medigap options.
If you are drawing Social Security income, you will receive a mailing before you turn 65
with your Medicare Card and instructions on how to activate or delay your Part B Medical enroll- ment. Persons who are not yet drawing Social Security Income will need to go to the Social Security Administration to enroll in Medicare Part B. Then call MMAP to review prescription plan options.
If you are turning 65, and cur- rently employed and covered under an employer plan, through your own employment or a spouse, OR if you have a retiree plan, it is important to contact the HR department of the employer to determine how your private program works with Medicare. Some plans require you to get Medicare Part B coverage, oth- ers don’t. MMAP doesn’t have access to details of private employer or union plans.
The MMAP program will be able to screen you to see if you qualify for any money-saving programs, and can help you apply for Extra Help or the Medicare Saving Program. MMAP can also help determine whether there are manufacturer’s programs which might be available to assist you with medication affordability.
Your local MMAP offices are at the:
• Kool Family Center in Battle Creek-CareWell Services SW (269) 966-2450
• Forks Senior Center in Albion - (517) 629-3842
• Calhoun County Office of Senior Services at the County Building in Marshall
(269) 781-0846
• Barry Commission on Aging in Hastings - (269) 948-4856
Call MMAP directly at
1-800-803-7174 for supplemental contact information, or find it at
Time Marches On
By: Stacy Wines, Program Manager, CareWell Services SW
“Time Marches On” is
a country song by Tracy Lawrence. It contains one of my favorite quotes, “The only thing that stays the same is everything changes.” As I age, I have discovered this to be gospel.
In my 20’s, my life was
all planned out. I knew I
would be a paralegal until retirement, when I was going to get married, and how many children I would have. I even knew where I was going to
live forever to raise my family. Up until my late 20’s, all was going according to plan. Then
I received devastating news
- my 55 year old mother had inoperable lung cancer. Change was everywhere during her illness and long after her death. At every turn, change was there to kick me in the gut. I had a choice to be miserable while resisting the change or embrace the fact that time marches on and if I don’t follow in line, I will be left behind.
When we are young, change can be an adventure. If the change isn’t going as planned, we can put on the brakes and take a different course. No harm, no foul. Many times, however, much of the change is out of our control. As hard as we try, we cannot avoid it.
For the aging population, change can be especially burdensome. Here you’re finally at a point in life where the pace has slowed down; you’ve raised your family and did the career thing. You are now enjoying a simpler pace. Then your health, or that of your spouse, declines. You have to consider assisted living. Just the act of aging into retirement brings on a huge catalyst for change. Any of these changes confirms, “The only thing that stays the same is everything changes.”
To say everyone, especially the aging population, is resistant to change would be wrong. There are a few who thrive on it. The majority does not like to change and will dig their heels in to avoid it. Some reasons are:
• Feeling isolated
• Fear of losing independence • Fear of losing control
• Fear of the unknown
• Fear of not honoring their deceased spouse’s wishes
I think it is safe to all agree these are valid concerns, but how do we help loved ones handle change?
One of the most important ways to deal with resistance to change is to listen. Let them explain why they don’t want
to change. For example, it is inevitable mom must move out of the home she and dad built when they were newlyweds. Mom doesn’t want to because it reminds her of dad who passed away many years ago. They made a vow they would die before they moved out. Valid reason? Certainly. Don’t ever dismiss what they are feeling. Think of how you would feel if you were in their shoes. It will give you a different perspective. While you think you know what is best for your loved one, they are certain they know what is best. A listening ear and gentle persuasion will be crucial on your part.
Make sure you frequently have open conversations. Again, put yourself in their shoes. What if your son never spoke to you about anything other than the weather and the Detroit Tiger’s season? Then, out of nowhere, he tells you it is not safe for
you to live alone and you are going to look at assisted living facilities next week. I would be like, “No way buddy!”
There should have been several conversations discussing the impending change. If you only talk when a problem arises, the less likely it is that you’ll have success. Be sure to keep the lines of communication open. This will enable you to have a better understanding
of how your loved one will respond to the proposed change.
Unfortunately, life happens and changes may need to be made immediately. If you find yourself having difficulties maneuvering through all the changes, we have resources available to help you and your loved ones. Contact CareWell Services at (269) 441-0973.
Call us, we’re here to help!

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