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Senior Times - May 2018
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Calhoun County Celebrates National
During the week of May 13 – 19th all over the country we will celebrate and recognize Long-Term Care (LTC) Facilities as we celebrate National Nursing Home Week. This is a week for the celebration of individuals
who perform services that are diffi- cult, challenging, but find the work rewarding that LTC health care work- ers do every day. The jobs in a nurs- ing facility are certainly not glamor- ous and are demanding along with emotionally challenging. However, for employees who have made a choice to work in a nursing home, find the reward enormous to serve our residents.
The 2018 National Skilled Nursing Home Week theme, “Celebrating Life’s Stories,” serves as a tribute to our resident’s most significant events, relationships, and experiences that shape the unique perspectives.
For several years here at the Calhoun County Medical Care Facility we have been “celebrat-
ing” our resident’s life legacies. We became involved with Life Bio sev- eral years ago. We are members, and it’s an easy-to-use online biography tool for our residents to write their own life stories. This is a project that we primarily are able to utilize our volunteers. We pair them with resi- dents to begin recording the resident’s life experiences so they can be pre- served and shared with friends, fami- ly, and other loved ones.This provides our residents with a dedicated one-on- one visitor to accomplish capturing these life events before it’s too late.
We have captured 35-40% of our resident’s to-date and two of them have actually been featured on Life Bio’s website. With this year’s theme, I’m so very proud of our staff and volunteers that committed to this project several years ago. It continues to enhance our resident’s lives here
at the facility. These life stories have been used to educate the staff so they can understand the resident on a per- sonal level when they are providing care. More importantly, this is some- thing that is treasured by the family and generations to come.
Every resident in facilities across our great nation need to Celebrate their Life Story, and we as a com- munity need to thank them for the freedoms we all enjoy because of the hard work they have done.
For many years the perception of
a nursing home has not always been favorable, and often we still struggle with this continued stigma. Nursing Homes are no longer a place to live out your life, but rather a place to live and build relationships, and have pur- pose in their lives during this time.
Caregiving is not an easy task and often includes care for complicated medical conditions making it impos- sible to stay home. For these individ- uals, the Nursing Home is the best alternative.
On behalf of the DHHS Board of Calhoun County, our residents, and myself, may I say to each of our 215 employees, thank you for a job well done!
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Care & Therapy!
Nursing Home Week May 13–19
By: Donna Mahoney, Calhoun County Medical Care Facility
OUR GOAL is to provide purposeful living solutions to persons who need assistance. The need may be long- term or short-term, medical care or day care.
Whatever the need, we can help.
• Long-term Skilled Nursing Home.
• 24-hour professional service to our residents.
• Short-term stays with rehab to home.
• Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Services.
• Full Service Beauty Shop,
Podiatry, and Dental ser- vices.
• Resident driven services.
• Activities, Music and Out- ings.
• Eden Alternative® Registered Community.
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