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Helen Guzzo, Special to Senior Times
Carve out some time for reflec-
As the weather changes and plans are made for celebrating the holidays, it is important to take some time to reflect on our blessings. Every severe storm and natural disaster makes me grateful for the things we often take for granted: electricity, refrigeration, the safety of our community, the shelter
of our homes, and safe drinking water from the tap. Thinking about voting during election time makes me grate- ful for the blessings of freedom and democracy.
One secret to healthy aging is the practice of being thankful. Being thankful and living with a sense of gratitude helps contribute to overall well-being and happiness.
Living with a sense of gratitude for life’s blessings is a precursor to opti- mism. Optimism is one of the common traits among long-lived people. Being grateful not only contributes to our happiness, it helps others feel happy and good about their selves. Saying thank you to others and recognizing others when you see them doing good things creates positive feelings and energy. When our family members and friends start to irritate us, it is a good practice to focus on what we like about them and compliment them on what they are doing right. Focusing on the positive can help families cope with the stress of family gatherings and lead to forgiveness for past hurts.
tion during the upcoming holidays. Remember your favorite times of past years and share these memories with your family and friends. Shared memo- ries transmit the history of your family and strengthen bonds between people. Write a letter to a friend or family member sharing why you are grateful for their presence and relationship
in your life. Make a list of things for which you are grateful. Before you go to bed each night, think about three things for which you are grateful that happened during the day or people who are part of your life.
I am deeply grateful for the miracle of life and the blessings of family. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with so many of Calhoun County’s senior citizens and service provid-
ers through Calhoun County Senior Services programs, funded by Senior Millage dollars. Senior Millage sup- ports 21 service programs, ranging from Adult Day Care at Marian Burch Adult Day Care Center, to Senior Centers in Albion and Marshall, to home delivered meals, and to Senior Transportation run by Community Action to help adults over 59 to improve their lives and solve problems.
During the upcoming holidays, think positive, thank others, focus on your blessings, and be happier.
Calhoun County Senior Services, funds a variety of services for Calhoun residents, age 60 and over, with Senior Millage dollars to promote wellness, safety, dignity and independence. To learn more, call (269) 781-0846.
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Bringing New Life to Senior Living
“What I love about my job at Brookdale is that I am able to be a part of so many families. When we have
a new resident join us, it is just expanding on the community we have created here and growing the bond shared by family that has seen fit to call our Brookdale their home.” – Kurt Schroeder, Executive Director
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Helping Seniors Preserve Their Lives
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I can help you save up to 100% of your assets.
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Let me help you properly draft and fund a trust before you or your spouse enter a nursing home; it could save you over $50,000!
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QUESTION: My husband and
I are retired and on social security. We are over our heads in debt with credit cards. The monthly payments are taking all of our money and the balance never seems to go down. We can’t even buy our prescriptions. Is there anything we can do?
ANSWER: Yes there is. This is not that uncommon anymore. Credit card companies issue credit to most anyone now – even retired people on a fixed income. It’s the “dangling carrot.” The people who have limited income and can’t afford to buy a new couch or television are presented with a “pre-ap- proved” credit card, which will allow them to buy those things. The prob- lem is that you have to pay it back in monthly installments and almost your whole payment goes to interest.
Beware of the “pay pennies on the dollar” advertisements out there. Those do not work for a whole lot of people,
especially those on a fixed income. You can contact the credit card compa- nies and see what they can do for you. However, most of the time, they just want their payment.
Your only alternative may be bank- ruptcy. Let me just say this, bankruptcy is not a dirty word anymore. It is a recognized and viable option for a lot of people. It is a process through the Federal court system for persons who cannot afford to pay their debts. No one should have to forego buying pre- scriptions and food because they can- not pay their credit cards bills. It may be the fresh start you need so you can sleep at night.
Michael B. Walling is an Elder Law attorney with a Master of Laws degree. He manages The Elder Law Center and the law firm of Michael B. Walling, PLC. Mr. Walling is also a part-
time Professor at Western Michigan University. This column is intended for general information purposes only and should not be considered as legal advice to any particular person.
Michael Walling, Special to Senior Times
Legal Advice &
Services for Seniors
By: Alisa Parker, Managing Attorney
The Legal Services of South Central Michigan-Battle Creek office will con- duct interviews for legal advice and possible representation, without charge, to interested seniors on Monday, November 5, 10:30am-12pm, Delton Faith United Methodist Church, 503 S. Grove Street, Delton, 49046.
Legal Services of South Central Michigan is located at 123 West Territorial Road, Battle Creek, 49015. For more details call (269) 965-3951.

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