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Community Focal Points are Crucial for Senior Centers
Kinship Korner
Senior Centers are crucial gathering places for socializing, networking and engaging. Most senior centers are multipurpose
in that they provide a range of activities and services and are multi-faceted in terms of the functions they fulfill for older participants, as well as the roles they play in local social and health networks. Variation and diversity are key elements and are arranged differently in every senior center.
In Calhoun County, there are
three senior centers: the Kool Family Community Center, Forks Senior Center, and Heritage Commons. Take time to visit one and pick up an activity calendar, you’ll be glad you did!
December Lunch and Learn events at Heritage Commons.
• Wed, Dec 5 – Fundraising for Oaklawn Hospital, presented by Amy Reimann. RSVP for lunch. No cost to members, $5 others.
• Wed, Dec 12 – Mathematical Art, presented by David Reimann,
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Albion College. Join us for a unique look at the intersections of art and math. Lunch for members only for $3. RSVP required. The public is welcome to attend the presentation. • Wed, Dec 19 – Heritage Commons Christmas Party! Lunch for members $3. RSVP required. Please bring favorite dessert!
• No event on Wed, Dec 26. Have a marvelous holiday!
My Medicare Matters – Are you turning 65?
By: Karen Courtney, MMAP Regional Coordinator, CareWell Services SW
Senior Times - December 2018
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Family Enrichment Center
415 S. 28th Street Battle Creek, MI 49015
Sharon Dewey, Kinship Coordinator Email:
Ph: (269) 660-0448
Fx: (269) 963-0160
One of the hardest parts of relative care giving can be the unrelenting needs of children who have been traumatized by neglect, abuse, or the disruption of their lives caused by parents who are unable to care for them. Trying to meet these needs on an ongoing basis, day in and day out, night after night, is often physically, and emotionally exhausting.
Respite Care can give caregiv- ers a much-needed break for a few hours or days, to regroup and recharge. Respite care is offered by some community mental health agencies, depending on the diag- nosis of children in their care. There are camps available, some year around, that can be accessed free of charge. Attending a sup- port group on a regular basis is a good place to build relationships that can lead to trading caregiving duties with each other.
The Family Enrichment Center stands ready to help families raising families by providing a monthly respite time for families. We also offer family community events and support groups.
This is what we offer for January:
Jan. 1 – Kinship Support Group
Westlake Presbyterian Church 415 S. 28th St., Battle Creek
Jan. 10 – Kinship Support Group
PARC Brown Bag Luncheon for adoptive families
Westlake Presbyterian Church 415 S. 28th St., Battle Creek
By: Kitty Knoll, Senior Center Coordinator, Heritage Commons
MI Choice Waiver – Helping You at Home, Part 2
By: Paulette Porter, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator, CareWell Services SW
How does the MI Choice Waiver program work?
A registered nurse and a social worker visit the person in his/her home to determine what the client wants, and what family members and friends can do to help. The nurse or social worker provides
a list of qualified agencies from which the client can choose, and contacts agencies if the client desires. After services are started, the nurse or social worker stays
in touch with the client on a regular basis to make adjustments, as desired. MI Choice uses an approach that is person-centered, meaning clients are in control and
make the decisions about their care.
What is the role of Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs)?
AAAs administer the MI Choice program, meaning they provide the nurses and social workers that visit clients and help them get assistance. This service is known as care management. AAAs are well suited to manage clients’ care because they don’t provide in-home services and have no financial self-interest in referring clients to particular services or service providers.
AAAs are also responsible for data collection, financial management, and implementing cost controls.
Fourteen AAAs administer the MI Choice Waiver Program; seven other agencies across the state also perform this role.
CareWell Services Southwest, the Region 3B Area Agency on Aging provides MI Choice Waiver support to people in Barry, Berrien, Branch, Calhoun, Cass, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph, and Van Buren
Do you, or someone you know need help with any of the supports listed above? Want to find out if you qualify? Call CareWell Services today! A certified counselor is ready to discuss your personalized options at (800) 626-6719.
If you are nearing 65 and may be eligible for Medicare, you likely have questions about the coverage and benefits. MMAP has some answers for you!
If you are still working and have insurance through your workplace, talk to your HR director at work first about how their plan works with Medicare.
If you have credible medical and prescription coverage, you may not need to enroll in Medicare Part B or a Part D prescription drug plan, and you won’t be subject to a late enrollment penalty in the future.
If your work plan is ending, you will likely need to enroll in Medicare Part B, and get a Medicare drug plan.
MMAP often counsels
persons who take no prescription medications and decided not to get a Medicare drug plan when they enrolled. Unfortunately, they did not realize that a Part D late enrollment penalty would begin adding up. This year, it’s $0.33 for each month which you’ve gone without coverage. It’s a lifetime, permanent penalty which will be tacked onto your Part D insurance premium monthly once you finally do enroll. Ouch!
If you are already collecting Social Security, you will be mailed information about Part B and its costs, along with your Medicare card, a couple of months before your 65th birthday.
If you aren’t yet collecting Social Security, you should go to
the Social Security Administration to enroll in Medicare Part B, a month or two before you turn 65, or when you need to begin your Medicare insurance coverage.
MMAP can explain and compare Part D drug plans and Medicare Advantage plans for you, and
give you basic information on Medigap policies and how they work. MMAP can also screen your income to see if you might qualify for Extra Help with Prescription costs or the Medicare Savings Program for help with your Part B monthly premium.
Medicare is complex. Let MMAP help you with the transition onto Medicare. Call us, we’re here to help 800-803-7174.

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