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900 Territorial Road W, Battle Creek, Michigan 49015 Call 269-968-0300 or
An apartment community for seniors 55 and older
(Between Capital Avenue and 20th Street)
Helen Guzzo, Special to Senior Times
Adult Day Care
(269) 962-1750
Community Care Options
(269) 441-0948
Handy Helper Services
(866) 200-8877
Home Heating Assistance
(269) 965-7766
Meal Delivered / Meal Sites
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Money Management
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Prescription Assistance
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Respite for Caregivers
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Senior Fitness & Fun
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Benefits Counseling
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Dental Services
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Hearing & Vision Services
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Legal Assistance
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Minor Home Repair
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Personal Emergency Response
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Ramps for Accessibility
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Senior Centers
(517) 629-3842 - Albion (269) 558-6150 - Marshall (269) 441-0948 - Battle Creek
Senior Transportation
(800) 994-9876
Nutritious home delivered meals are often distributed by seniors want- ing to help other seniors. They pro- vide a true community resource.
Each weekday from 10am-1pm, volunteers and paid staff crisscross the county delivering over 300 hot meals to homebound, vulnerable elderly adults. In Calhoun County, Senior Services Southwest Michigan manages a state- of-the art commercial kitchen that prepares healthy, nutritious food from scratch and bakes fresh bread daily at the Kool Family Community Center
in Battle Creek. Over 600 meals each weekday are delivered to 11 senior group meal sites (see the Senior Times list of meal sites found on page 5) and to seniors, who receive Home-Delivered Meals, otherwise known as Meals on Wheels.
This meal program is paid for with a partnership of Federal, State, and local Senior Millage funding. There isn’t
a wait list for home-delivered meals
in Calhoun County because of Senior Millage resources in partnership with Federal Older Americans Act funding and State funding through CareWell Services SW. Calhoun County residents who are 60 and over who are home- bound, or recovering from a medical procedure, may call Senior Services of Southwest Michigan at 866-200-8877 to sign up for the meal program. An assessor will schedule a visit to your home within a couple of days to help you complete the application for the program.
The Meals program does not have an income requirement; a senior just has to have a need for meals because of health issues, disability or being frail. If you or your loved one are homebound and struggle to make food independently, please do not hesitate to call to sign
up for the program, it is a community resource designed to help.
Home-Delivered meals can help a frail senior maintain their independence and continue to live in their own home. Compassionate volunteers deliver not just a nutritious meal but also provide
a friendly face on a regular basis along with peace of mind to the individual’s loved ones. These visits also encourage social interaction and offer a link to the
community that might not otherwise occur.
Meals on Wheels can provide up to two meals per day, seven days a week. With each delivery, individuals receive a hot lunch and, often, a cold or fro- zen meal for dinner. Frozen meals can also be delivered for weekend meals. Meals are low in salt, fat, and sugar and come with heating instructions for both microwaves and ovens. Liquid meal supplements are also available with a doctor’s prescription.
Volunteers to help deliver meals are always needed. To volunteer, call Senior Services of Southwest Michigan at 866-200-8877.
Often meals are delivered by a team of two people, with a driver and a hopper. The hopper gets out of the car and delivers the meal while the driver prepares for the next stop. There are
a number of organizations that have teams that deliver meals on a regular basis as part of a community services program. You could volunteer once a month or once a week. It takes about two hours to deliver meals to between 10-18 people. Volunteers must be at least 18 or be accompanied by a parent or legal adult, and are required to pass
a background check. In rural areas because of the distance, paid drivers
are often used. Many volunteers are seniors. Delivering meals is a rewarding and easy way to give back to the com- munity.
Food is part of everyone’s holiday celebrations. Meals are necessary for health and are part of celebrating fam- ily traditions. Home-Delivered Meals
is a valuable community resource that helps ensure nutrition and well-being for some of our most vulnerable older adults all year long. I am grateful for the safety network that the meal pro- gram provides for those who struggle to prepare or afford proper nutrition. Thank you to Calhoun County residents for your continued support of Senior Millage. Happy Holidays!
Helen Guzzo, MSW, is the Manager of Calhoun County Senior Services, which administers Senior Millage tax dollars. To learn more about Calhoun County’s Senior Millage and available programs, call (269) 781-0846 or www.
Calhoun County Senior Services
315 W. Green St. Marshall, MI 49068 • 269-781-0846
Center of Battle Creek
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