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Page 12 Senior Times - February 2019
By: Sherii Sherban, Publisher
Manufacturers are making adjustments
to their products that are benefiting people
of all age groups. Several examples include audio communication with devices, larger keys, bigger screens, the ability to adjust your text size for ease in reading, and so much more. The rest of the world can thank seniors for many of these wonderful advancements. These product changes become even more valuable for seniors as they continue to be the largest growing group reaching out to loved ones through social media. Here’s why it’s so important:
Peace of Mind
Adult children of seniors have come to realize the value of social media for a greater peace of mind. Often times they live a signif- icant distance apart, leading to added stress, especially when health is a greater and greater concern. Facebook, Skype, smart phones, tablets, laptop, even your smart TV, can all help to make a regular, visual connection with aging parents that a land phone call can often miss.
Peace of mind goes both ways when using technology as each can “see” their loved ones, either in immediacy or through photos posted.
If you have a cell phone chances are you can download apps that can help you to stay connected, manage your health, or even learn. Simply go to the App Store and find the search button. Type in what you are after. Most will also give you a list of choices for popular apps that others have been interested
in, including games. A word to the wise, some apps do cost money so be aware before you download. Furthermore, apps do often have updates to make them work better so periodi- cally check.
Throw some of those common phrases
out the window like, “I wish I heard more often from my children or grandchildren.” Facebook allows mature adults to see what their children, and grandchildren, are doing
at a moment’s notice and what they might be interested in. When a mature adult is active on Facebook it also allows their children to stay on top of what they are up to as well. Families not only share events and accom- plishments, but also photos, videos, and more. Facebook even makes it easier for grandpar- ents to communicate with their grandchildren, increasing conversation in both directions. Both win.
Lets not forget the other devices that make this possible, such as the smart phone or tab- let that allows for digital photos and video
at a moments notice. More and more seniors are now having fun sharing and learning on YouTube as well.
Mature adults are reaching out to old school friends, neighborhood friends and crushes of old. The ability to view photos and videos allows for the connection of a face with a name, whether that person lives down the street or across the world. The magic of the internet also opens up exposure to online dating or simply finding others with similar interests. With it comes risk, so caution is important as well.
Decreases Social Isolation
While a senior may be less inclined to leave their home when experiencing dif- ficulties with health they can still stay in touch with friends and family. Logging onto Facebook allows for a quick hello or a much longer conversation, sharing aliments in spe- cial groups, essentially offering an opportu- nity to congregate with friends without even leaving their home, to never be alone, even when they are the only person in the house. A concern for adult children is the people that intentionally reach out to scam vulnera- ble adults. As a result, it’s important to only "friend" those you know and trust. Private messaging or email allows for even longer conversations without engaging others that need not be part of a conversation.
Stay Connected with Families
Connect with Friends Old and New
Find the Right Apps
A word of warning to grandparents, your grandchildren might be doing some things that you are very unsure about. Look at the bright side, at least this way you will know more about them.
Savings and Discounts
Online sources provide opportunities for
Peace of Mind
Marian E. Burch Adult Day Care Center
Providing support Monday-Friday, 7am-4:30pm so you can keep your loved one in their own home environment as long as possible.
• Care Conference meetings with Caregivers to discuss loved ones’ progress.
• Transportation, Nutritious Meal, and snacks.
• Variety of daily cognitive and physical activities, including music, art, and community out- ings.
• Full-time nurse providing medication management and medical monitoring. Our nurse works closely with your primary care physician.
• Full-time Certified Nurse Aides providing personal care including whirlpool baths, shaving and per- sonal care.
• Pre-arranged Overnight Respite
• Restorative Therapy available.
• Full-service beauty shop and podiatry services available.
• Serving adults 18 years and older Monday - Friday, 7am-4:30-pm
• Financial assistance available to those who qualify.
Marian E. Burch is a department of Calhoun County Medical Care Facility since 1983.
1150 E. Michigan Avenue, Battle Creek, MI 49014 (269) 962-1750
For Admissions and Tour Information... Please Call (269) 870-5537 •
Enjoy the advantages of
Assisted Living
14420 Helmer Road South 14661 Helmer Road South 14316 Helmer Road South Battle Creek, MI 49015 Battle Creek, MI 49015 Battle Creek, MI 49015
Ganton Senior Communities are committed
to providing an atmosphere that gives people the opportunity
to thrive. Our Battle Creek campus o ers three vibrant communities where seniors can take advantage of services such as diverse life enrichment programs, restaurant quality meals, housekeeping and laundry services, assistance with activities of daily living and medication management. Sta  is onsite 24/7 to assist residents in the comfort of their private apartments.

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