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On a personal level, my father-in-law just turned 84 and is struggling with declining health. How do you prepare your heart and your family members
Rodna’s many accomplishments include supporting the renewals of the Senior Millage in 2006 and 2010; help- ing create a senior center in Marshall with the opening of Heritage Commons Senior Enrichment Center in 2017; and the organizing of the annual Calhoun County Senior Fair at the Marshall Middle School for nine years, which in 2018 was attended by over 500 seniors.
for the death of a beloved patriarch? Decisions about home care, hospice, or a nursing facility are challenging. When does aggressive treatment of a chronic condition stop? How does a family
face approaching death with peace and acceptance instead of fear and anger? These are questions of the heart that our family and many families are facing. Please know that you are not alone in facing such questions.
Retirement is a new chapter of life that Rodna carefully planned over a few years. Her preparation is a model for others in that she bought a new car; sold a large home where she had raised her family to purchase a smaller home in the city; made modifications to the new home; and thought about new activities to continue to make a contribution to the community. Rodna is thanked with profound gratitude for all the help and advice that she has provided to Calhoun County Seniors, age 60 and over, through the years and is wished the best in her new chapter in life.
Life can be fragile. We do not know the time and place where we will finish our life. If you have a rela- tionship that needs repair, make that phone call and set a lunch date to talk out the problem.
Retirement is a joyful and bittersweet matter of the heart. On January 2, 2019, Rodna Stealy, retired from Calhoun County Senior Services. A lifelong Calhoun County and Marshall area resi- dent, Rodna spent twenty years helping older adults working at nursing facilities prior to her employment with Calhoun
Life is constantly changing and the transitions to new chapters of life touch our hearts. Death of family members and friends, declining health, and retire- ment are matters of the heart that over
a lifetime we all experience. In matters of the heart, reach out to others for help when needed and be positive about the miracle and joy of life.
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Helen Guzzo, Special to Senior Times MATTERS OF THE HEART
Stacey Lott
February is a month devoted to mat- ters of the heart. There are three things that have touched my heart deeply already in 2019, the unexpected death of a former coworker, the declining health of my father-in-law and the retirement of Rodna Stealy who served as an Administrative Assistant and Certified Medicare Medicaid Counselor for Calhoun County Senior Services for almost 15 years.
On January 1st, I attended a memori- al service for the City of Battle Creek’s Housing Rehabilitation Coordinator. A former coworker and friend, with whom I worked closely for over three years, died unexpectedly at age 52 of a heart attack just after Christmas. His dying so young and so suddenly, has me thinking about how fragile life can be. Don’t put off doing things to help others and to create happiness, because our time can be limited. We do not know the time and place where we will finish our life. If you have a relationship that needs repair, make that phone call and make
a lunch date to talk out the problem. The City of Battle Creek’s Minor Home Repair program, that my co-worker coordinated, is a community resource that has replaced many defective fur- naces and leaky roofs for low-income homeowners. This dedicated coordina- tor and civil servant who worked for the City for 18 years will be missed. His work touched many hearts.
County, and provided home care ser- vices to seniors throughout her career. Rodna has worked nearly fifteen years for Calhoun County Senior Services, working with all five of the leaders of Senior Services during its nearly 20 years of existence. She staffed Senior Services during transitions while pro- viding valuable historical knowledge, and counseling hundreds of seniors, helping them choose the best health care plans for their individual situations.
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Helen Guzzo, MSW, is the Manager of Calhoun County Senior Services, which funds a variety of services for residents age 60 and over with Senior Millage tax dollars. To learn more, call (269) 781-0846.
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