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Page 14 Senior Times - April 2019 Serving Our
 Over 200 booths
 Dealers from 6 states
 Limited dealer space available  Grill and restaurant on grounds  Home of primitive connections  Home of country junction
 Bus tours welcome
 Campgrounds close by
Open 7 days, 10am - 5pm PH (517) 869-2788
I-94 Marshall
I-69 Coldwater Exit 13
Old US 12 Indiana Ohio
9011 W. Chicago (US 12) • Allen, Michigan 49227
It’s both fun and rewarding when you become a dealer
at the Allen Antique Barn. Now all the garage sale hunting, collecting over the years and results of the antique auctions you’ve attended can turn into extra cash for you.
Join our family of dealers occupying over 300 booths with 25,000 square feet of antiques, furniture and collectibles. It’s fun and rewarding!
• Booth space as low as $26 • No commissions taken
• No work days
• Special promotions
• Elevator & stairs to upper floor •Open7daysaweek,10am-5pm
Call 517-869-2888 or stop in and see for yourself / Take the Coldwater exit off I-69, then 10 miles east on US 12 to the Big Red Barn. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
E. Michigan Ave., Battle Creek, MI, 49014. If you would prefer to reach us by e-mail, you can do so at va@cal-
“MOVE!” targets weight loss goals and is available to Veterans who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 25 that could be relat- ed to a disease and Veterans, of any health status, who have a BMI great- er than 30.
If you have any questions regarding benefits for Veterans or their families, please don’t hesitate to call our office or stop by and visit us. Calhoun County Veterans Affairs can be reached at (269) 969-6735. We are located in the third floor of the Toeller Building at 190
I will be the first to admit that my diet is not what it should be. My old fighting weight waved bye-bye to me as it floated down a soda river on a raft made of snack cakes. Superman has kryptonite and I have Cheddar Jalapeño Cheetos. As I’m writing this, my mind continually drifts to thoughts of Burger King as if I’ve been stranded on a des- ert island for years. I know I need to eat better and incorporate more (honestly, some) exercise into my daily routine.
Is there anything that is really stopping me? Not really, just an unrequited love of food and longstanding disdain for shortness of breath. I do, however,
love the concept of losing weight. The idea of being in better shape (not just a shape) seems like a dream.
“MOVE!” is designed to help Veterans lose weight by focusing on healthy eating, increased physical activities, and focusing on small weight loss goals. In addition, Veterans also get to work with a healthcare team to help them meet their goals. If you’d like to learn more about the “MOVE!” program or would like other informa- tion on the nutritional services that are offered at or through the Battle Creek VA Medical Center, feel free to con- tact them at (269) 966-5600, extension 35499.
As you can tell I, like many other Veterans, struggle with diet. Thankfully, Veterans who are eligible for services
at the Battle Creek VA Medical Center are able to access numerous programs that focus on receiving proper nutrition. One of the most exciting programs offered is called “MOVE!”
Speaking of increased exercise, on May 15, the VA is hosting its ninth annual VA2K event (don’t worry, it’s
a walk). Donations collected at the event will go to Veterans who are in the Homeless Program. Specifically requested items include coats, clothing, underwear, toiletry items, boot/shoes, blankets, and bottled water. The event is being held at the VA Medical Center (5500 Armstrong Road, Battle Creek) with registration beginning at 11:30am and the walk beginning at 12:15pm.
What’s the best thing to eat? It’s a question I’ve often asked myself as I’ve found myself hungry, or craving sweets or wanting to lose weight. And you know there’s a million answers to that question!
• Berries, cherries, peaches, plums,
If you’re like me you might be tempted to eat anything that seems to taste good at the moment, but probably isn’t good for you. Jesus was tempted too when he was fasting and making more room for God in his life before beginning his ministry. At that very moment, the Devil tempted him to turn stones into bread. But Jesus knew from his memorization of Scripture that, “Man shall not live by bread alone,
but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”(Deut. 8:3) So he wait- ed to begin eating.
no more than four to six ounces once or twice a week.
A new spin on an old eating plan that is worth test-driving is the “Daniel Plan” written by Pastor Rick Warren that emphasizes both eating and fasting simultaneously. (Watch Rick’s TED talk online about this). Which is like doing the good thing and the right thing at the same time! I like that idea!
I really like that image, given our world of astronauts living in their space suits. We have an “earth suit” that been made beautifully and marvelously by God (check out Psalm 139). Someday, by the Grace of God, we will enjoy the “heavenly suits” God has provided.
Following the Daniel Plan diet means you will fast from all pro- cessed and fast food, and only eat that which grows in nature, is natu- ral, and encompasses the food your body truly craves.
Foods to embrace, according to the Daniel Plan include:
• Cold-water fish such as wild salmon
and halibut
• Omega-3 eggs, up to eight per week.
• Legumes such as lentils and chick-
• Slow-burning, low-glycemic
Rev. Dr. James Gysel, Special to Senior Times
vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and
pears, and apples.
• Organic, chemical-free poultry.
• Organic, grass-fed beef or lamb, but
Our bodies truly are gifts from God and even referred to by the Apostle Paul as the place where God’s Holy Spirit resides if we’ve invited God into our life. So we have a responsibility to care for the gift. A lay-minister friend of mine, Linda Grap, once in a Bible Study I was leading came up with the insight that our bodies are our “earth suits.”
But in the meantime, one of our tasks is to maintain the gift of our “earth suit” until our job is done.
Blessings on your journey together of faithfulness. ~ Jim Gysel

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