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  My Medicare Matters and
Eat Better, Eat Together – Enjoying Good Food and Good Company
By: Liz Lawson Young, Marketing Specialist, CareWell Services SW
Open Enrollment
Aging and Disability Resource Line: 1-800-626-6719 General Agency Telephone: (269) 966-2450
   By: Karen Courtney, Regional MMAP Coordinator, CareWell Services SW
October is my favorite month of the year! Change is in the
air, temperatures drop a little, leaves take on new colors. But this month also starts the quick downhill journey to winter, which can bring a feeling of dread for the dark and sometimes isolated days of Michigan winter ahead. That’s why I love the theme of this month so much – Eat Better, Eat Together. This theme reminds me to take the opportunity we have now and use it to invest in health and relationships!
Center, Bedford Manor, Heritage Commons Senior Enrichment Center, Tekonsha Community Hall, and many others. These meals are a chance for older adults to get out of the house, socialize, and make new friends. For more information about days and locations in Calhoun County, contact 1-866-200-8877.
  Open Enrollment for Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans runs October 15 through December 7.
There have been many changes to the online Medicare Planfinder system which will activate October 1, just before Medicare’s annual Open Enrollment Period for Part D and Medicare Advantage plans.
Your local MMAP counselors will have had little time to learn to navigate the new pages and processes. Part D review appointments may take longer than in prior years. Your patience is appreciated.
This year MMAP counselors will not be able to retrieve your previously-entered medication list unless you have a username and password. This means MMAP will need to re-enter your entire med list at each appointment, unless you have online account or they create one for you.
If you have previously created a account on your computer or smartphone, please make certain your username and password are active and accurate prior to coming to your appointment.
If MMAP sets up your account,
you will be provided a card with your username and a randomly-generated password for your account. Protecting your username and password is up to you. Your SHIP/MMAP counselor cannot keep this information on file for you.
Compare plans at Medicare. gov,, or
via telephone by calling 1-800-Medicare. Reach your local MMAP counseling site at: Kool Family Center in Battle Creek at 1 (800) 803-7174, Calhoun County Senior Millage Office in Marshall at (269) 781- 0846, Forks Senior Center in Albion at (517) 629-3842, or Barry Commission on Aging in Hastings at (269) 948-4856.
The goal of this theme is to
get families to cook at home more for health, and to spend more time together. While this is a wonderful goal, not all people have the ability to cook at home, or even have families close by to share mealtimes with, specifically those whose lives are changing with age. But, with a few adjustments and by tapping into local programs, I think this theme can work for everyone. Here
are a few suggestions on how to incorporate this theme into your life this month and beyond.
ability and space to prepare meals, please do! This doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. It can be as elaborate as cooking a comforting meal, or as simple as making sandwiches. Eat with your spouse, spend some time with your neighbor, or invite your grandchildren over to share a meal with.
Options are available to older adults living in Barry County as well. CareWell also partners with the Barry County Commission
on Aging (COA) to support their congregate meal program through one of the four Friendship Centers and COA sites, as well as the Senior Choice Meal Program, available for seniors who live
 If you don’t have the ability to cook or you are unable to host friends or family, there are a few options throughout Calhoun to help you make healthy choices and get to know new people. CareWell Services partners with Senior Services of Southwest Michigan to support congregate meals at various locations throughout Calhoun County. Sites include Forks Senior
in townships not served by a senior dining center. For more information on Barry County congregate meals or the Senior Choice Meal Program, call (269) 948-4856.
 First off, if you do have the
As we head into October, let’s take the time to appreciate the beauty of the season and the wonderful opportunity to share a meal with friends, both old and new.
 Get Connected to Veteran Services in Calhoun County
By: Luann Sommers, Executive Director, Forks Senior Center
 Veterans in eastern Calhoun County have great resources available to help them. In Albion at the Forks Senior Center, Dennis Urquhart is available every Monday from 8:30am to 4pm to speak with Veterans.
Rehabilitation. Their programs help Veterans
get the support, assistance, medical, and emotional help in the years following their military service. For more information, call (517) 629-9300.
 He is also available at Heritage Commons Senior Enrichment Center in Marshall Wednesday through Friday. Appointments are not necessary, drop-ins
Calhoun County Veteran’s Affairs Office also assists Veterans in eastern Calhoun County. The Veterans Affairs office is
 are welcome. Dennis can help Veterans learn about and apply for programs and services they may be eligible for.
The American Legion in Albion also provides great support and resources for Veterans. The Patrick Leo Hanlon Post 55 is located at 1230 Edwards Street. Post 55 is named after Patrick Leo Hanlon, the first Albion soldier killed during World War I. They can assist with Veterans Affairs and
a centralized location for people who are seeking information, referrals, and assistance. They can also advocate for Veterans and their families. The office is located at 190 E. Michigan in Battle Creek their office hours are
Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.
For more information about resources or services for Veterans, please call the Forks Senior Center at (517) 629-3842 or visit our website at forksseniorcenter. org.

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